Are there Egyptian similarities with Christianity?

Hello. I am physically shaken by what I have seen. I thought I was watching something related to our government and its secrets, and it weaseled on over into Jesus. The movie clip was from “Zeitgeist” and it gave chilling similarities between Mary and the virgin birth, Jesus, etc., and Egyptian writings from supposedly 3500 yeas ago. Please help. I make it a practice to NOT watch anything that might shake my faith, but this one got by me.

The problem with media presentations like Zeitgeist is that they make lots of claims that are not backed up by actual history. What we need to remember is that the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. Its impossible for us to prove the Egyptians didn’t believe something, but if someone is going to claim that the Egyptians did believe something then that person needs provide evidence for that claim. You can’t simply say the Egyptians believed X, you need to show the evidence for belief in X.

While I’ve never seen the movie Zeitgeist it does appear that the movie makes many claims that are simply unsupported by history.

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