Are there false nuns and priests?

Months ago, I’ve read a “true” story that someone wrote that “proves” Catholicism is false! I summarized the story here. As you read, hold on to your faith tightly…this affected me, and still bothers me.

The poster claimed he had a close friend who was a women. She lived as a devout Catholic and did many good works in the name of God. When she was old enough, she made arrangements to become a nun. After she arranged everything and went to a nuns’ hometown, she was to meet with the head nun who was the leader of the nuns’ organization. As the wannabe nun spoke with the head nun privately (i think at a desk), the head nun told her that before she officially confirms her decision to be a nun, there’s something she has to know.
The head nun told hee that Jesus did not literally died for our sins! She said that the Catholic Church was actually arranged to help give people a purpose in life; to give them something to hope for, and to help the world be good. She continued by stating that the Pope knows this, and many Priests are aware of it too. She said Jesus’s sacrafice is just figurative, and wasn’t actually true. When the wannabe nun heard this, she burst into tears and was completely shocked from learning the “truth”. She had depression for long periods of time. She decided not to tell her mother the “truth”, since she was a fanatic for many years and probably wouldn’t be able to take it.
She did not become a nun since she heard the “truth” about Catholicism from the head nun, and was devastated to learn this.

What do you think about this story? I have searched constantly for the board I got it from but can’t find it. If I ever do, I’ll post it.
Do you think this story is true or false? Has it affected you?
Maybe there really are priests and nuns who THINK this is true…but it isn’t. OR…perhaps the Catholic Church is false, and the Pope as well as many Priests are aware that it is. Don’t get me wrong, I’m Catholic and certainly don’t want to believe that. I sincerely, truly hope that this story is false, because if it’s true then the world’s largest and most logical religion is false!

Dear PMV,

You can’t relay on every webpage on the internet to tell you the truth. Whether or not the nun actually said what she said, the content of what she was quoted as saying is nonsense.

For over two thousand years the Catholic Church as taught the truth about Jesus. Thousands of martyrs have shed their blood that we might have that faith today.

Are ready to disregard it as the result of a story on the internet?
You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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