Are there genders after death?

When a person is resurrected into their condemned or glorified body, will there be a genders as we know them here on Earth, since there is no longer procreation?


There is a tendency in our current culture to separate gender from sex so that sex refers only to the biological and gender refers to socially constructed roles. This paves the way for individuals to identify themselves by how they feel about themselves rather than by what their bodies tell them. So one can say that he feels like a woman trapped in a man’s body. One may indeed have such a feeling. But such a feeling is only a feeling. If I feel that I am too fat when I am skin and bone, this does not mean that I should stop eating. It means that I most likely have anorexia. Feelings cannot be more important than truth. Our guide must be right reason. Whenever we allow feelings to guide us rather than right reason, chaos inevitably ensues.

When one dies, one remains the person that one was created to be. Men will remain men and women will remain women. At the general resurrection, our bodies will be re-united with our souls and we will enter eternity with the DNA God gave us at conception. If there is something faulty with our DNA, it will be corrected.


Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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