Are there more Catholics or Protestants worldwide?

just wondering…

Catholicism has the more followers than any other religion in the world.

I believe’s there’s around 1.1 billion Catholics worldwide and around 800 million Protestants worldwide.

pretty close then

It’s an interesting question…how many people are actually living the Faith as to make it alive? That is where the rubber meets the road.

We may have 1.1 billion who say they are Catholic; however, I used to also call myself Catholic and I was just going through the motions (does that mean I was actually a Catholic). I was not as bad as a “Chreaster” (a Catholic who just goes on Christmas and Easter) and I too cannot believe there is a term for it but that just lets you know how big the problem is. Even this Easter was not full…we need revival!

The call to the New Evangelization is not New…the call has always been there…we need a fresh energy and verve to excite people about our awesome Faith.

1.1 billion Roman Catholics (Left Lung)
300 million Eastern Orthodox Catholics (Right Lung)
800 million Protestants worldwide (Culmination of 33,000 denominations)

Number of Catholics Worldwide: 1.4 billion
Number of Protestants Worldwide: 800 million

Number of Christians Worldwide: 2.2 billion

Sunni Islam leads Roman Catholicism by about 150 million followers.

Do you mean Christianity has more followers than any other religion? I thought Catholicism was the main denomination within Christianity.

Catholic, because all who are united to Christ in baptism are united to him in his Catholic Church.

Although they are not in perfect communion with his Church.

There are more Catholics than Protestants, however there are more muslims than Catholics.

All the Christians put together have slightly more than the Muslims (33% vs. 21%)

This is slightly off topic but a point of interest is that the number of practising Christians in the UK is a small fraction of their number, whereas surveys have said 80% of Muslims practise their religion. This puts a different spin on things.

I also have read we are the 2 largest. But when the good news is shared, and the true word of God is preached to all, as Christ has promised, you will see that his words will ring true.

You are Peter …and the Gates of hades will not prevail.

The true Church of Christ will prevail, and many will see the truth and hear his voice in the RCC and follow. This is the true word of God.

Remember what Christ said!

A servant is not greater then his master.

If they persecuted me, they will persecute you too. If they KEEP my word they will KEEP yours as well!!!

The Catholic Church is not a “denomination”. That term is used by Protestants to make it seem as if all the 30,000+ variations of belief are somehow equally valid. The Catholic Church is THE Church founded by Christ directly. All others are the result of heresies.

This is not to say that Protestants are not Christians. They are. But the Catholic Church is the fullness of the Truth, not just one more “denomination” equal to all the others.

itullian, are you asking because you’re considering a switch? Just wondering based on some other threads where you’ve expressed doubts about the Catholic Church. I hope that’s not the reason, and please keep in mind two things:

  1. The Truth is not determined by popular vote. Even if the final count was 99% Protestant and only 1% Catholic, the Catholic Church would still be the fullness of Truth because Christ said so Himself.

  2. What is a “Protestant”? Does that term not refer to a group of churches (a very large group…30,000+), some of which have wildly different beliefs? “They’re all equally valid” would be the response from many Protestants…but is that true? How could it be? There is only One God. Only One Jesus Christ. Do you think He’ll really say to us all after our deaths “Hey, nice use of creativity in designing your own church! It’s not really important that I gave you the fullness of Truth and you rejected it in favor of man-made inventions.”?

Or will He say to some, “Well done, good and faithful servant. You were faithful with a few things, I will put you in charge of many things; enter into the joy of your master.”, while to some others who still called on His name He’ll say, “I never knew you; Depart from me, you who practice lawlessness.”?? (taken from Matthew 25 and Matthew 7 respectively)


We do not see, write or accept the OHCAC as a denomination. You may want to visit this thread for an explanation.

Catholics. Although you wouldn’t think that if you’re in America. :wink:

What does TRUTH have to do with figures/stats?

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