Are there nice churches with traditional Catholics in Idaho?


I am from San Francisco so i am used to beautiful masses. When i visited people the first thing i saw was the priest talking about the cubs and walking around the altar making jokes. when the mass started i noticed the music was awful as there were two men with electric guitars and a drum set. it looked as if the offspring was playing church music. But the thing that angered me the most was when everyone was standing and not kneeling during consecration it seemed that the people were oblivious to the fact that jesus was presently being sacrificed. After mass i went to look at the church sign to make sure i did in fact go to a catholic church and not a protestant church. I am moving to idaho soon and hope i can participate in a beautiful mass. would any of you know about any?


There are nice parishes in Idaho with beautiful Masses said. Unfortunately there are some less than small t traditional. It really depends on where you are planning to live. If you don’t mind saying or you can PM me.



Where in Idaho are you moving? It is a long state (north to south over 400 miles) with a very small population (roughly 1,683,000 +/-).


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