Are there Old Testament Saints

I was just asked why are not any Old Testament Saints.
I was completely floored by this. As I currently do not know of any off the cuff.
And if there are not any, Why?

There are many. We don’t call them Saints. But they are Saints. We call them, Patriarchs or Fathers.

That article mentions three of them, but all the prophets and some of the Kings and many of the women, are numbered amongst them, as well. See Heb 11 in the Bible.

There most certainly are.

Saint Elijah the Prophet

St. Elisha the Prophet

St. David the King

St. Solomon the Wise King

St. Moses the Lawgiver

Sts. Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Patriarchs

St. Isaiah the Seer

St. Ezekiel the Priest-Prophet

Even St. Adam the First and St. Eve the protomother.

Some of these are Eastern Catholic, but they are Catholic and there is iconography, devotions both private and liturgical, and much tradition to back it up.


Do these Saints have Feast Days?

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