Are there opportunities for me to serve

Hello, My name is Scott and i am 44 years old! I am a cradle Catholic although i drifted away from the Church for many years! My question is since i am Married with children what can i do to as far as serving in the church! I take it Priesthood is out of the question!! What other thing can i do?:knight2:

Talk to your parish priest or pastor about serving others. Try helping with your church’s food pantry to the poor, ie St. Vincent de Paul Society or taking Holy Communion to the sick and home bound members of your parish or being a hospital volunteer in bringing spiritual comfort to the sick. Good luck:)

I’m similar to your status and these are the things I participate in:

-a permanent deacon (discerning, a 6 year process)
-an Eucharist Minister
-teach CCD
-be involved with the high School ministry
-be part of the bereavement committee
-be a Legion of Mary member (current praesidium president) we visit shut-ins, hospital visits, senior care centers, bring communion to homebound, door-to-door, pilgrim virgin, enthronement of homes, etc
-teach RCIA, sponsor catechist
-Knights of Columbus
-Weekly Adoration

other activities could be
-liturgical Sunday readers
-run bible studies and other adult formation programs
-music leaders
-food pantries
-American Life League
-Funeral Committees
-be an Auxillary Legion of Mary Member

  • etc

Awesome list. It’s giving me some ideas!

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