Are there other creatures in heaven ?

Are there creatures other than God,angels,and saved human beings, in heaven ? I mean creatures without souls such as horses and teriffic creatures as mentioned in the book of Revelation.Has Satan still have a free entry to heaven as was avalable at the time of Job ?

First off, God is not a creature - He’s the Creator. As far, as a Heaven is now, no. Since the souls of animals etc. are not immortal. After the resurrection of the dead and restoration of the world, this surely could be admitted, although, obviously, it’s only speculatively.

As far as Satan and Job is concerned, St. Thomas in his commentary on this book, rightly notes, that it only describes Satan as being in the presence of God, not seeing God, which is the essence of heaven (well, at least according to the Thomists; to the Scotists it’s loving God, but this is besides the point). In other words, in some rather mysterious way, the Devil communicated with God about Job.

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While at the end of time in a new earth there may or may not be animals. That will be up to God.
However, if you are asking if an animal goes to heaven when it dies the answer is no. Only humans have immortal souls. When an animal dies its soul ceases to exist.

Satan is damned forever. He made his choice along with the other fallen angels.

Probably dogs.
Definitely not cats.


There definitively are other “creatures”, or maybe more accurately “beings” besides God and humans in heaven.


. . . not cats, nor mosquitoes;)

Well, we know there are horses, because Jesus will be coming back on one – a white one :smiley: See the 19th chapter of Revelation.

How about plants?

As for Heaven at it currently is, I’d say we can’t know. We know that animals do not have immortal souls, so they probably wouldn’t be in Heaven, but at the same time, we do not know if God has created other ensoulled beings. I’m inclined to believe that He didn’t, but I can’t know.

As for the New Creation after the end of time, I’d imagine there will most definitely be animals and other creatures. After all, he gave us such amazing creatures as part of this fallen creation, so just imagine how much more He might give us as part of our eternal existence in Heaven…

In the end, we won’t know unless we get there, so let’s make sure to focus on that. :slight_smile:

Heaven in the non resurrected sense, probably not.

But when everyone has their glorified bodies, isn’t it safe to say that there would be animals if it makes it a better place?


1.In the original post I meant the present heaven,that is,where God,angels, saints and other saved souls live and where Jesus said that there is sufficient space for us.As said in one post since Jesus is coming on horse back with angels blowing trumpets etc we can presume that heaven is having some creatures, instruments etc.
2.About the new Heaven and earth coming into existence after the end times which is an amalgamation of earth,cosmos,heaven etc and where there is no tears,pain ,suffering or death ,the position of animals and other creatures appears to be not clear as correctly said in another post .We (provided we are on this side! )may perhaps miss the love and affection of dogs,the singing of birds,the taste of meat and fish etc.May be that we won’t mind these things being in company with God.Or is it that the present type of life ,living in this beautiful world is better even if there are some tears,suffering etc.which we can overcome with trust in our Saviour?
3.About the free access of satan to heaven it is quite clear from Job2-1:

“1 Again there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the LORD, and Satan came also among them to present himself before the LORD.”

that satan had real physical access to heaven Hence the view expressed in an yet another post that he was communicating only in a mysterious way to God is difficut to accept.

I take the story of Job to be allegorical rather than literal. I doubt that God entertains the whims of Satan to prove an argument for the same reason that I doubt Satan could successfully sue God for damaging a fence with his tractor, even if hell has all the lawyers, as the old joke goes. Nor do I believe that the two sit around in lounge wear sipping martinis and making phone calls to each other to swap wrongly delivered souls, as several other old jokes go.

"The Book of Job, named after its protagonist (apparently not an Israelite; cf. Ez 14:14, 20), is an exquisite dramatic treatment of the problem of the suffering of the innocent. The contents of the book, together with its artistic structure and elegant style, place it among the literary masterpieces of all time. This is a literary composition, and not a transcript of historical events and conversations." (emphasis added)

This IS the Catholic teaching on the nature of the Book of Job. A “literary composition”, not “historical”. This is what the church teaches.

God made heaven for dogs.

We’re lucky because they’re going to let us live there.

Such excuses are not acceptable.Don’t we believe that every thing in the bible is God inspired ?If so why some thing which did not actually happen or was not said by God is written in the Bible as happened or said by God? Just to take people for a ride at the expense of God?
By the way can you tell which all are the books in the bible which are"transcript of historical events and conversations " so as to be cautions while reading other books and phoo-phooing the words written in those books as said by God.

Excuse? It’s really is what they say it is. Are you saying poetry, literary devices, and tales can’t be divinely inspired? This questions are rhetorical. Jesus spoke in parables, revealing enormous truths through them. It’s a composition on the problem of evil.

You are taking a position contrary to Church teaching and frankly one that is somewhat uniformed. The Bible is comprised of several books that are of various genres, some historical, some allegory, some in the nature of parable, some prophetic, some poetic, some legal. All of it is “inspired” by God but other than the words of Jesus himself related in the Gospels, the words of the bible are those chosen by the various books’ authors, who were limited in what they wrote by their experiences, education, and culture of their day. God inspired the words of the Bible, he didn’t dictate them.

Jesus’s words were all inspired and yet no one in their right mind would dare to suggest that every word out of his mouth and recorded in the gospels should be taken literalistically. If we did we would all have gouged out our eyes and cut off our hands, and archeologists would be feverishly searching for the bones of the “good Samaritan” and the “prodigal son”. (fyi, no such persons actually existed, they were “teaching stories”, just like the book of Job).

The Church teaches very clearly which books or parts of books are “transcripts of historical events and conversations” i.e. “historical” and which books are not. Job is not.

The excerpt I provided above is not MY language but that of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. To claim that they, the successors to the apostles, are making “excuses” in properly teaching the faithful, borders on scandalous.

I suggest you get a good Bible commentary, read it, learn it and understand it, before you presume to lecture others.

My thought is yes. I think Heaven will be familiar, but amazingly better. Those who have had visions of Heaven report things that they see here - trees, mountains, cities, grass, flowers, rivers, fountains, bridges, buildings - yet indescribably beautiful, and better than earth. So, I conclude from what seems to be consistent reports, that Heaven will be like earth, but better - amazingly better. The lion shall lie down with the lamb. So, a lion does not attack. Presumably nor will mosquitoes. If a person is an etymologist on earth and LOVES insects all his life, an insect-less heaven would be a little bit of a loss. But I do not think any critters will bother us, or each other, or overpopulate an area (no locust swarms in heaven) or any other pesky thing.

On earth because our relationship with the Lord is imperfect and the people in our lives are imperfect, and we are, in many instances a pet for many can make up for a lot of the lack of love on earth. But in Heaven, there will be no lack of love, no need for pet companions. So it seems to me that domestic animals will not need to meet a need like they can here.

So that’s what I think. I also once heard an amazing story from my friend who went to to city park and talked to another mom, who told an amazing story, believable, which my friend was able to tell back to me almost verbatim. Because she has an elephant’s memory. And also, she has a gift for really listening - she can give you all the time in the world. So this woman had gown up in abuse and poverty. Her parents used to fight violently, yelling, throwing and breaking things for long periods. When that happened she would go to her room and her Guardian Angel used to play board games with her. And sometimes her angel would take her on a “trip” to Heaven, where there were other children and angels playing, and they would ride the animals. Giraffes, elephants, lions. She was much, much older before she came to realize that her life was different; that other children did not experience this. There is even more to the story, but it would take too long to write. The sheep know the shepherd, and I was completely convinced about the identity of this Shepherd.

So, yes, I think there will be animals in Heaven. Its like with food - there will be food in Heaven, and we will enjoy it, but it will be different. There won’t be a *need *to eat, like on earth. We will experience it differently in eternity.

but aren’t there stringed instruments in heaven?:smiley:

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