Are there other ways to wear medals in addition to around your neck?


I wear a Miraculous Medal around my neck at all times. More recently, I’ve acquired a couple other saint medals. Problem is, I don’t want to wear several chains at once (with a medal on each one), as I’d look like a hippie, and I don’t like the way one chain with several medals looks (plus the resulting jingling can get annoying). I’ve thought of attaching the medals to my scapular strings, carrying them around with me in my pocket, etc. Yet I don’t really know what would be best for me. If anyone else here has the problem of having several medals while being unable to wear them all around the neck, what do you do?

By the way, I know I could wear a different medal each day, but I don’t want to, especially since my Miraculous Medal is something I refuse NOT to wear – after all, I’m a Knight of the Immaculata!


I use one as my keychain…and it’s always in my pocket


You could pin them to your Tee Shirt, and wear a regular shirt over it…No one would know


I attach one to each rosary I own. When I come upon it during the rosary I say the prayer associated with it. I like the key chain idea as well. I may do that with future medals.
By the way…I also wear a Miraculous medal only. I don’t judge those who wear multiple ones as I’m sure you don’t either. I just prefer to wear my favorite one.


I wear a Rosary bracelet with the Miraculous Medal on it.


I collect them and put them on my booksack! At school it’s fun to tell people the stories behind them when they ask. For ladies you could attach them to your purse! :thumbsup:


The rosary and keychain ideas are good. If your wallet or bag has a zipper you might attach them to the zipper pull as well.

If you were a girl I’d suggest a charm bracelet … maybe if you have a piece of leather thong or something tied around your wrist you can wear 'em that way (put it on the hand you DON’T write with).


The rosary suggestion is a good one. I inherited a number of old rosaries from a French-Canadian great-uncle, and apparently the custom in Quebec is to attach medals to the chains in between ‘ave…’ beads and ‘pater…’ beads, so my daily-use rosary has a bunch on there. Like the previous poster, I just pray to each particular saint when they come around, and a little extra for Mary when I hit the miraculous medal.

I like it; there’s a Saint party on my rosary and everyone’s invited!


If you wear a scapular, you can attach them (as I do) to one of the cords. There are also pins of them - especially the MM - so you can attach them/it to any piece of clothing.


Great ideas, thanks!


I’m allergic to medal- I can’t wear them!

I will put them on my rosary, in my wallet/purse, the cork-board in my home, or pinned to the visor in the car.


I have a Tiffany style sterling charm bracelet with a heart shaped Miraculous Medal on it. It was a gift from a friend and I just love it!!



I like to sew the Miraculous Medal and St. Benedict medal to the back of one of the ends (cloth part) of my scapular. I position them so they don’t “clink” against each other and make a racket when I move.

I could never find a way to get them on the strings.


I have put them on scapular strings and attached them to my rosary bracelet. I also put medals on my rosaries, and keychains.


You could put them on a hat…


I have a medal attached to a wrist brace I sometimes wear.


I’ve had to alter the length of my scapular cords anyway, since I’m tall, so have gotten them onto the strings then.


I’ve got about a dozen of them on a safety pin that I keep pinned to the inside of my winter jacket, when I put the jackets away for the winter I take them and pin them to the inside of my purse.


[object Selection];)If you’re a woman, you could always thread the loop through a safety pin and pin it to your bra.That’s what I do with my Miraculous Medal, that way I always have it on me!


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