Are there Pharasees around today?


Or Saducees? Or Essenes?

It would be strange that all these groups would be outlived by Samaratins, wouldn’t it?


I was called a Pharisee once by another member who didn’t like my opinions on applause during Mass. :smiley:


I’m guessing you are an anti mass-applauder.


The Pharisses survived the destruction of the Temple and reinvented themselves as Rabbinic Judiasm. THe Judaism we know today is largely due to the Pharisses.


Well, I guess as long as people clap with one hand, it’s OK. :wink:


I’m still learning - can someone clarify the difference between these three?

A man in my Catholic bible study group called our Bishops ‘modern day Pharisees’. I knew it was slam, but didn’t know enough to respond.


While the Christian bible may villify Pharisees, they were really just the sect in Judiasm that was more concerned with study and making ruling than with the temple based aspects of Judaism. This is why they survived after the Temple’s destruction and became what is now known as rabbinic judaism.


Why would RC’s applause during your Mass? We frown on such things in the EOC.


Good question. I’ve been Roman Catholic all my life and I only clap after concerts and musicals and things.


Well, I frown on it too, but some people thinks that makes me a Pharisee.:wink: It only happens in the NO Mass, though, not the TLM.


I don’t know if the Pharisees exist per se, but Muslims tend to have a lot in common with their worldview.


Are there Pharasees around today?

yes, Muslims. It’s a fact not a comparision. The pharisee who believed in Jesus and who embraced gnostic and ebionitic teachings later became Muslims. It’s history.


Interesting …

This could be one explanation for The Lord’s warning (Luke 11, 24- 26) about the one unclean spirit ( ? idolatry /use of usury/sexual misconduct) that ’ after wandering in arid regions searching for rest and finding none , return to find the house swept clean …( hope lot of the people are still at this stage only :slight_smile: )

then it goes and return with seven other spirits more vicious than the first …that the last stage of that man becomes worse than the first…’

unlike when hearts are filled with the awareness of The Father’s Love and gratitude for that Love … and the desire to do His will …

instead of servile fear without the true awareness of Mercy and all that come with it !

Our Father , hallowed be Thy Name !


That’s a fact that I was not aware of . YOu have any citations to support that?


yea i got historical books but unfortunately to anyone here, they are in Arabic :frowning:


I have also read that Jesus actually was closer to the Pharises in belief then the other groups. For example ,both Jesus and the Pharises believed in life after death, while the Saudecees did not.


I would say most pharasees are the ancestors of modern rabinical judaism.

Some may have become muslim, but I highly doubt the group as a whole, with its basis in the Torah and the Oral traditions would suddenly convert to a group that is, at least in modern times, extremely anti-jewish.

I also think you are confusing a member of the group, with a group here. Some pharasees may have joined the muslims, but they were not behind the religion, nor did they create the religion.

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Why would they be alienated from Christianity?

I mean, wasn’t St. Paul a pharasee? So why would people who accepted Paul reject the other pharasees.

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in my NAB st. joseph’s edition there is a picture of a modern day decendent of the samaratins holding their scroll of scriptures. it says they only hold to the first five books of the OT–the pentatuch.

they might be related to one of these gnostic groups which perverted christianity in the early church but i’m not sure.

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