Are there rock songs you can't help but like?

Anything by Korn.

This legendary band from Spain Heroes del Silencio has a song called Oracion which says that no prayer is capable of making a decision for them. I have to admit the guitar solo in the live version is incredible!

Another classic tune I can’t help but like is Janis Joplin’s version of “Me and Bobby McGee” which she sings with such feeling, and which was the last song she ever recorded, the day before she died of a drug overdose. When she sings “Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose” and “I’d trade all my tomorrows for one single yesterday” you know she meant it.

A couple of other posters have mentioned Queen; my favorite of theirs is “Who Wants to Live Forever,” which is part of the soundtrack to “Highlander” and relates to a (mortal) woman whom the main character, an immortal, fell in love with and whom he had to watch grow old and die while he stayed forever young.

Also, didn’t the Eagles also write a song recently called “Get Over It” decrying the “victim” mentality of so many people today… the best line is “I’d like to take your inner child and kick it in the (behind),” or something to that effect. :o

However, if “you’re not officially a Catholic” if you don’t despise the media, does that mean I should go back and confess all the sacrilegious Communions and other sacraments (including marriage) that I received during the 20 years I was a newspaper reporter and therefore ONE OF the media? :eek: lol

This will date me but one of the best instrumentals has to be “Jessica” by the Allman Brothers.
Paul Simon’s Graceland cd is a classic and any of his songs stand out for their lyrics.
Phil Collins’ version of “True Colors” is really great.
Most Beatles songs are classics: “Norwegian Wood”, “If I Fell”,“Here, There, Everywhere”, etc.,etc.
Steve Miller’s "Wildwood Honey"
Dire Straits’ "Sultans of Swing"
The list can go on and on…

I’m not a big Heroes fan, but whenever I hear either Entre Dos Tierras or La Carta I feel like dancing and I start getting all nostalgic.

You know I can’t help liking The Misfits, and it’s not the music either. Kind of embarrassing but I like the lyrics.

Even though they are morbid and sometimes a little sickening. They are so over the top that I find them kinda funny.

squeals I* love *Heroes del Silencio jorgeraul3 and I feel the same way you about La Carta and to a lesser extent Entre Dos Tierras but the one that really makes me want to dance is Iberia Sumergida. I recommend anyone reading this thread to check it out even if you don’t speak Spanish.

I completely agree with this :thumbsup:

And I absolutely love The Beatles.

Being a guitar player,I listen to guitar oriented music.In no particular order:Soul Shine(Alman Bros)Can’t you see(Marshall Tucker Band)Dreams I’ll never see(Molly Hatchet)Fall of the Peacemakers,written about Pope J.P being shot.(Molly Hatchet).Green Grass and High Times(Outlaws)Diary of a working man(Blackfoot).FreeBird,Mr.Banker,That Smell,Simple Man or anything by Skynerd.Gary Moore(Use to play with Thin Lizzie)is a great guitarist.Anything by SRV.Thunderstruck,Hellsbells,Ride On,Little Dreamer,long way to the top if you’re gonna Rock n roll,Runaway train(ACDC)Sweet Emotion(Aerosmith).Stairway to Heaven(Led Zepplin)Anything by the Beatles!Living in a Dream(Arc Angels)Anything by Chris Rea and George Thorogood.:smiley:

Iberia Sumergida is a great song, but I just can’t get so much into it as La Carta or Dos Tierras…

It’s cause of the nostalgia factor, I have so many great memories attached to those two songs


Jesus… He’s my friend… Took me by the hand, led me far from this land… Jesus… He’s my friend…

Doobie Brothers?

I like Queen a lot -on freddie mercury’s lifestyle… no wonder he had such a high voice.:wink:
I also like BOSTON, kansas, and that style of music. I don’t listen to much of the new stuff, but some of my friends do and they tell me all the good stuff.

I listen to a lot of prog rock, classical(mainly baroque and neoclassical), and alternative rock.

The Mars Volta, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, the Beatles, Mastodon, Beethoven, Bach, and Igor Stravinsky have always been my favorites.

yeah, i like the ones on your list, but i dont collect cd’s, i have eminems relapse and guns n roses chinese democracy. i just listen to the radio and you tube, so i keep pretty current. mostly i just like music that is interesting.

Love your selections! Gary Moore’s Still Got The Blues For You is one of my all-time favorite songs. When the Guitar cries, it gives me serious goose-bumps!:wink:

whatever happened to P Floyd???

They went downhill after Syd Barrett left.

That is a great song.If you get a chance,check out his version of Messiah will come.Its on youtube.while you’re there,take a listen to Clapton’s “Holy Mother”.Both are great songs.Peace,Rocky.

why did he leave?

Radiohead, Andrew Bird, Pavement…some outstanding stuff in there but sometimes I feel a bit uneasy in case infernal choirs are at work.

Rage against the machine…killing in the name of…it’s annoyingly good.

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