Are there support groups for people who've lost children you'd recommend?


I ask this for my mother. My 39 year old brother died two years ago (on Palm Sunday) and she’s still struggling. Brian had cystic fibrosis and died four years after receiving a double lung transplant. My mom is a lapsed Catholic who left the Church (and God) after my brother was diagnosed thirty-five years ago and her first husband died. She is still angry at God I think (even though she’ll often say He doesn’t exist).

I think my mom needs to know she’s not alone. She needs to talk to someone who can relate to her pain, but she won’t go to a therapist and unless I send her a link or introduce her to someone, she will not seek out the consolation of others. I want to help my mom and I know there are other mothers out there who can reach her. I’ve done some internet searches on support groups related to CF, but didn’t feel comfortable with most of the ones I came across. Your advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated.


This is an old thread I started two years ago. She is welcome to read through it.

My mom would also be able to relate. My sister died in a freak car accident at the age of 18 (I was 16).

I’d like to help. Where does she live? My parents live in SE Alabama and are part of a Catholic grief support group. I am part of a similar group here in south FL (north Cuba :smiley: ).

I’m sorry you all are having to go through this. It is a challenging cross, to be sure.



My parents live in North Georgia, outside Atlanta. I read part of the thread you started. How are you doing now? Do you ever find any peace with such a loss? I don’t know this pain and I don’t want to imagine it. And there’s nothing I can say to my mom or you or anyone who’s lost a child. Sorry seems woefully inadequate.


My mother was killed a little over three years ago by a semi. She was the middle of three kids - the mediator between the older sister and younger brother that ALWAYS fight - and she was the most successful in taking care of their mother. Her sudden death hit everyone really hard, but especially my grandma. She still cries about it and tries to mother me (at the funeral she said something along the lines of she could be my mother now - very offensive to me but I knew she was out of her mind with grief and really didn’t mean or understand what she said). I don’t think she’ll ever get over it and I don’t think anyone can get over something like that honestly. She deals with the pain better now and she can think of the good things she has and the good times she had with my mom, but she’s still extremely bitter and basically wants to kill the guy that killed my mom so I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive him and let go of her need for vengeance. She wouldn’t go to therapy or support groups if there were any in the area due to her paranoia (whole other issue…). I hope your mother finds peace soon with your help.


I contacted the MISS Foundation and found a local group in Georgia. The woman’s emailing my mom and I’m hoping this may provide her some measure of peace or comfort.

Thank you for your thoughts.


Also try Compassionate Friends. They are support for people who have lost a child at any age, not just newborn or miscarriage, like some groups are.

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