Are there things Catholics consider a sin but Protestants don't??


someone i know once said that when you are Catholic, everything is a sin.

but drinking alcohol is not a sin and dancing is not a sin… as Baptists believe (some).

so exactly what might this mean???

Yes, Catholics believe that using contraception is a sin while most Protestants do not.

oh, forgot to say that i knew about that one…

i was trying to think of things that aren’t as controversial… but i may end up using that one also… trying to tell someone about Catholicism…


Missing Mass.

Swearing related to the Saints- like using the Lord’s name in vain but with Mary or the Saints.

Not fulfilling the eucharistic fast.

Eating meat on Fridays during Lent- for those to whom the rule applies.

Not fasting on Ash Wednesday or Good Friday.

thanks… forgot about some of these… not sure a protestant would understand some of them, though.

can you think of anything that is not specifically Catholic…?

i know that promoting abortion is a mortal sin but what about promoting b-control???

What about divorce and then remarriage? As a Catholic, if you were to be married in the RCC, divorced, and then remarried without benefit of an annulment, that would be considered a sin.

I have protestent friends and relatives who have been married, divorced, remarried (some of them multiple times) and it is not considered sinful.

yes, those are all good examples but i was wondering about more “mundane” things…

i think the person i am going to be dealing with already knows all that…

i think one think Catholics think is sinful t hat protestants don’t is just a lot of ordinary things… like wasting time… Protestants don’t think of such things as sinful because they think that Jesus paid everything on the cross… and there is no atonemnt that needs to be done…

don’t Catholics generally believe that every little sin we commit is washed away in Purg?

maybe that’s what i should focus on… i think what the deal is is that catholics believe that there is no such thing as a little sin… that all sin has to be gotten rid of … and protestants don’t believe such things because of what Jesus did…

There are the seven deadly sins:

  1. Pride
  2. Covetousness
  3. Envy
  4. Anger
  5. Lust
  6. Gluttony
  7. Sloth

I also remember in Catholic parochial grade school, the nuns made a very big point that gossip was a terrible sin against God.

Catholics believe in the dual nature of sin. The temporal or damage we do to Christ’s body- the people- and the spiritual aspect- which is completely wiped clean at Confession.

The passion addressed all spiritual sin but the damage of the temporal aspects of sin must be cleansed in that process/place we call Purgatory. THe Church makes no official statement as to what the nature of Purgatory is- only that a “thing” happens to remove the temporal stain of sin before we can enjoy the beatific Vision.

Protestants may not believe in this dual nature of sin. I don’t know the Orthodox idea as to what we call Purgatory.

there are many things Catholics believe are sinful that Protestants dont… the whole Divorce thing comes to mind.

however, if what you want to talk about is the statement " she says Catholics think everythin is a Sin" then you dont need a list. perhaps just pointing out that as Catholics, we tend to be more aware of our relationship with God, and are very concerned when we do anything that might distance ourselves from God.

The old "Catholic guilt’ kind of thing? Alas, a sense of sin is lacking in many–Catholic and Protestant–today. I would rather see the ‘old days’ back where one worried more about the type of things that aren’t even noticed today–watching programs on TV/movies etc.full of sex and violence, wearing immodest clothing, taking God’s name in vain, being envious, greedy, glutinous, prideful. . . we’ve become inured to behaviors our parents and grandparents would have found (quite rightly) sinful. . .

I realize this isn’t very helpful, but it’s really impossible to generalize about what Protestants do or do not consider sinful, because Protestants vary so much. One group might think living in a homosexual relationship is okay, while another might think it sinful for a woman to so much as cut her hair. I have known of Protestants who considered it sinful to use nicknames, e.g., “Jim” for “James”, “Bob” for “Robert” and so on. Others think it’s fine not only to change your name, but your gender. (Or attempt it)

Again, I know it doesn’t really answer the inquiry, but it might be helpful. Generally speaking, Catholics hold the view that certain things are directly forbidden (or mandated) in the Bible, and those things must be obeyed if they are directly stated. “Thou shalt not kill” for example. Catholics also hold the view that the Church has authority to declare other things (derivative of the Gospels, or applications of them) forbidden or mandated. Protestants, generally, do not accept that, and hold that one either is entitled to come to his own conclusions about such things from the Bible or is somehow inspired by God to believe this or that.

Catholics also hold sin (contrary to popular belief, even sometimes among Catholics) more lightly than Protestants in a particular way. Catholics hold that the Church has been given the power to forgive sin; to “lift the burden” so to speak. Protestants generally don’t think their churches have any real power to do anything in the moral realm. (There are exceptions, but not many.) If a Catholic goes to confession, he may well regret having sinned, even deeply so, but he is assured that “it’s over” in a salvation sense. Many Protestants have more of a struggle “If I’m saved, why did I sin? Am I really saved?”

The core of the difference is in how each sees the Incarnation. With Protestants (not all, but probably most) it’s vertical. Jesus died for our sins and took them away, so now we can have a direct relationship with God. With Catholics, it’s also vertical, but a bit more horizontal as well. Jesus took on human nature and, by doing so, redeemed it, sharing some of His power with us in the form of the Church.

thanks… an they were right becaues when you talk about someone behind his back, you are talking about Christ behind his back… assuming the person is the least of Christ’s brethren… (st Mt 25;31)

That was a very clear. fair. and realistic view of what is true of both churches. I never herd the word protestants until i came on the forum it was we were either Baptist Methodist, ETC but i thought Protestants and Catholics was a thing of the past as in Ireland and Scottland and all the fights over the faith. But it never occured to me that term until i joined this forum and was called one. I didn’t realy understand what you were talking about i was a Baptist not a Protestant You know ?:stuck_out_tongue: I know I left because i was very confused as to weather i was saved or not like you stated, and we didn’t have the guilt trips the Catholics have and we didn’t pray as much, or go to church as much steady as Catholics do.We confessed our sins to God and there were times i realy wanted to tell someone my sins and have them listen to me so i could feel better." Confess your sins one to another" I couldn’t do that I was afraid it would go all over town etc. their is a woman in town that if you have a hemroid every one will know (The town cryer) and she is for abortion to.She only goes to funerals,k so she realy dosent think of God like she should I have talked to her and she alway’s say’s god bless you but i realy don’t feel Blessed from her.The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! Love of Christ Nancy

VERY well said… and something similar to this occurred to me earlier…

the person is probably not very pro-Catholicism… but uh… oh well…

and that, in a nutshell, is what’s wrong with the world today… NO fear of God…

and it just gets worse all the time…

people think you’re nuts if you fear God… :rolleyes:

:frowning: They don’t fear him because they don’t realy believe in him or they are slack and don’t study to show thyself approved. that makes all the difference in the world. To busy for their creator they will face some day, and what will they come up with to say to him when he asks them" Why do you think i cannot let you enter in to my rest?"

Great thats one I almost forgot about and the Bible tell them but they do not pick this one they do not agree so its OK to sin

Please put where it is in the bible. thank you:) Love of Christ Nancy

Nancy, did you know that all protestant churches taught that contraception was an **intrinsic evil act **until 1930? You can look it up: At the Anglican church Lambeth Conference of 1930, they voted that under ‘certain conditions’ contraception might NOT be evil. . . although 10 years before they had reiterated that it WAS evil. . .a few years after 1930, first one and then the other protestant denominations likewise jumped on the Sanger ‘birth control’ wagon. . .

As far as Scripture, they used this: Genesis 38: 8 Juda, therefore said to Onan his son: Go in to thy brother’s wife and marry her, that thou mayst raise seed to thy brother. 9 He knowing that the children should not be his, when he went in to his brother’s wife, spilled his seed upon the ground, lest children should be born in his brother’s name. 10 And therefore the Lord slew him, because he did a detestable thing.

“Spilling the seed” otherwise known as ‘coitus interruptus’ was one of the earliest methods used for ‘contraception.’ And Scripture calls it a detestable thing in the sight of the Lord. . .

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