Are there times (situations) we should NOT attend Mass?


just wondering… if you have ever felt that you were better off “abstaining” from going to daily Mass… for some reason…

“If your foot causes you to stumble, cut it off and cast it from you…”

example: someone goes to taht Church who … disturbs you terribly… (you had a serious falling out, etc…)


The obligation to attend Mass trumps most sort of distractions. In fact it’s by far the best place to use the opportunity to pray for that person who disturbs you - and necessarily (if you are sincere) for yourself as well!

Of course if any priest celebrates an invalid (not just illicit) Mass, then you should probably avoid any future Masses celebrated by that priest since they will almost certainly be so as well.


sorry, should have said in the title Daily Mass… not Sunday Mass…

I know it is a mortal sin to miss sun Mass without good cuase…

Also… could you explain valid and invalid, licit & illicit Masses? I had this all explained before but i guess my mind must not have been working so well that day … :smiley:


Again, what better place to pray for yourself and those distracting you! The benefits of even daily Mass (being in His presence) surely trump the inconvenience and distractions. If Mary was able to find peace at His feet, in the midst of Martha’s frenetic hustle and bustle, then I’m sure we can all do so at Mass whatever distractions may be on offer.

Remember His peace is not as the world gives, so it’s not necessarily a warm fuzzy feeling or anything.

To make it really simple - an invalid Mass, or any other invalid sacrament, is dangerous - not a sacrament at all, in fact. An illicit Mass, or any other illicitly celebrated sacrament, is still a sacrament, still effective, but it hasn’t been celebrated as it should have been.

Only three things make a Mass invalid. The first is wrong form - if the priest says the words of consecration ('This is my body … ’ ‘This is my blood…’) incorrectly or omits them.

The second is wrong matter (in this case the bread and wine, which must be pure wheat flour with no additives and the wine must be pure grape juice). So if there’s bits of fruit in the bread, or it tastes beyond doubt of honey or vanilla, or it’s unfermented grape juice instead of wine, you know that invalid matter has been used and it’s thus an invalid Mass.

The third is wrong** intention** - ie the priest does not intend to consecrate. This we cannot know unless the priest flat out says that he does not intend to consecrate (which is unlikely in the extreme). We can trust, all other things being equal, that correct (valid) intent exists.


Actually, I think the idea of not going to Mass because one feels unworthy, etc. is a deception of the evil one to get you NOT to go to Mass. He will do anything to keep one out of church and out of the presence of Our Lord. Don’t fall for this age-old deception. Go to Mass and don’t let Satan bully you out of it.


I would never say there was a time when you should NOT attend mass, unless
that reason was that you don’t want to. (I’m speaking of daily mass of course).
I once talked to someone who stopped going because they didn’t feel free to enjoy the experience since people kept stopping them to ask questions and talk business.
(they worked at the church) They started going to daily mass at another church where they felt free to experience mass.



i used to believe that first part… that should go to Mass no matter what (basically) & but… well… i don’t know if i want to go into details about why it is i don’t want to or even fell led to go now… If i did, you may understand… but… suffice it to say that i have a strong feeling it is not God’s will for me to … (How should i say this?) I don’t want to go into details… but i get this feeling it is God’s will for me to “abstain” for a period of time… I don’t know if it really is God’s will or just such a strong feeling of my own that i can’t get beyond … but i do know that i feel closer to God when not disturbed by things “going on there”…

long story…

daily Mass is not required… I go because i want to… and i miss it but… well, sometimes people have “psychological issues”… i can’t really say anything more than that & dont’ feel most people would understand anywya… whether i gave details or not… all i know is “if your foot causes you to stumble…”

anyway… thanks agian…


i’m totally confused…

who said anything about “unworthy”??? :confused:


It was the quote that you posted–“If your foot causes you to stumble…”. people usually think of that as meaning something sinful, which can cause them to feel unworthy. But I don’t think we are on the same wavelength here:) I don’t think I understood what you were trying to say.

Are you trying to say that there is something going on in that particular church that you feel you must stay away from? Because I don’t think God ever wants us to not go to Mass.


My sentiments as well - ANY desire to stay away from Mass (invalidity and other grave abuses aside) is much more likely to come from the evil one than any other source.

If possible, find another parish to go to that’s better for you. Otherwise it may just be the cross you are called to carry. You used ‘someone at Mass who disturbs you terribly’ as an example. I won’t assume that this is the difficulty in your case.

I can tell you though, in my decades of experience there was no Mass, however it was celebrated, whoever might be there, whatever they might be doing, that didn’t have a net positive impact on me - WHEN I prayed about and for whatever disturbed me and layed it at the Lord’s feet. The only difficulties have been the times when I have failed to do this.


Hi first of all I havent been on for some time now.
How ever there was a time I just knew that i couldn’t go to mass because there would be interuption from a person who would be there.
I desperatly wanted to be there and so I cried out to Jesus and told Him that I wanted to receive Him some how, as others were.
After mass my wife came home and the first thing she told me wwas that I was to neel down and there and then she anointed me with a “spiritual communion”. She said that Jesus told her to go home and give me a spiritual communion.

I love Him and know that He loves me that much that He would even consider allowing me to receive Him that way. As He loves us all.



i hear what you’re saying totally & used to believe the same way… still more/less do except that sometimes things happen that we didn’t anticipate… things that we don’t know how best to handle…(at first) and … well, i used to go to Mas every chance i got… For years this was the case… but then something heppend… that , well, it IS possible to sin during Mass… :eek: meaning having negative (etc) thoughts (VERY) toward someone… If one cannt stop these thoughts… after having tried, etc… well, again, if your foot causes you to stumble…

all i can say is that at this point i am NOT going to that particular Church… There isn’t a very convenient way to attend another one… so i am missing a lot of daily Masses… but i feel very strongly that God does NOT want me going to that Church… and i cannot go against that feeling becaues i strongly feel it is the Holy Spirit…

I am continuing to pray about it… but doubt anything will change much… (in what i decide to do.) I’ve put up with the situation as long as a person can reasonably be expected to…



I feel that you would understand my reasons for not going to daily Mass @ that Church…

Theoretically, i can see where someone would think /believe that a person should go no matter what. But people aren’t just “theoretical” beings… I have ptsd, etc… but even if i didn’t, i would NOT recommend someone going to Mass who has half the problem i do…

(I should have stayed in the city where there are numerous Churches to choose from… :ouch::banghead:


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