Are these all signs?


It all started when I was at life teen (formation class) and priests were visiting. My friend said I should go up there. (This was out of no where and I'm sure he was joking). Of course I didn't go up there. Then my best friends sister said out of no where, you should be a priest. Then my best friend said you should be a priest. Then in formation class, people wanted to know about exorcisms and they told me to go into a priest hood program to learn about exorcisms and then drop out.Then my mom asked me if I was going to be a priest.Then I had to go to the bathroom in a movie today and then I came back and there was a priest scene (Man of steel: Superman). Then I picked up a piece of paper on the ground today, and it had something about a priest on it. So weird, is God trying to tell me something?


It could be. I remember that happened to me and I'm discerning for priesthood right now. If you suddenly start getting really into religion and your faith the holy spirit starts to work on you.


Sounds pretty awesome, if you ask me. There's certainly no harm in exploring that option. I you are truly being called, then I assume you'll find confirmation along the way. Just pray a lot and let go of any expectations. All you know now is that you seem to be called in a certain direction, not necessarily towards a specific goal.

Perhaps it is along this path that you meet the woman you will marry. Perhaps it is in inquiring about priesthood that you unknowingly help another resolve his discernment for priesthood. Who knows?

The point is that you're being nudged in a direction, but you don't know exactly why just yet. I say go for it. Explore the possibility. Just be ready in case that calling leads you to a different outcome than you expect.

Good luck!


Even if I am a sinner, so to say (masturbation and that's it, but I am working on that problem and get stronger every day, and my lying-problem is only a bad memory) I have a certain vocation to priesthood, it was actually a thing I did talk about with a priest after my divorce, so I maybe know something about it. What you need to ask your self is "do I want to be a priest and can I handle it?"

Maybe they are signs, I see no reason why not. But take a breath and think about it and try to keep your mind focused on what you want and what you think you can do.


I agree with everyone else. It's definitely worth looking into. There's a book that is supposed to be good for helping you discern your vocation called, To Save A Thousand Souls, that you may want to read. I think that you can get it as a pdf online, an ebook, or just a normal book. If you don't already, It would also help you with your discernment and overall spiritual health to go to confession at least once a month and to receive communion frequently to obtain the graces of these sacraments.


Or do as I did. I went and did talk with a priest. We finally agreed that it is up to me. So I counted my age, my illness and my ability to do my job as a priest. In the end I made up my mind, (I guess there was one happy Pope in The Vatican) and my conclusion was that I am better of praying as my "vocation". I think it was the right one, but it was close that The RCC did not end up with a divorced, former Lutherian man, priest with a son and a daughter and a stepdaughter. So now I pray for those nobody else will pray. It is harder then I thought, but reckon somebody got to do that too.


That’s a wonderful task God has entrusted to you!


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