Are these cases sin by silence?


Today I heard one man whom I know cussing Virgin Mary(there is a apecial swear-word for it here :() at the bus, but he has probably thought I haven’t heard him. I haven’t supported him in any way and if he asked me what do I think about such behaviour, I would say that it is sinful. However, he said it in converaation and I was shocked (because I was thinking abou an obligation to react) so time passed and I would feel weird sayong something after one minute… Did I have to?
Also,yesterday I listened to some lecture and at the room there were about 30 people. So, one of the lecturers told us that he met with other lecturer while he was drunk, or something like that. I didn’t laugh at that, but I also haven’t warned him. Did I support him by my silence?
Was there any obligation to react in these 2 cases?


You are not required to go around correcting everyone in public. In fact, it would be a very bad idea. You have no idea how they might react, or what they might do to you.


I wonder whether the timing might have been such that you witnessed these things, not necessarily to get you to react, but to get you thinking about them. Maybe it was a prompt to pray to Our Lady? :slight_smile: These things can be corrected but it is after much experience that Christians learn diplomacy, tact and also when it is safe to intervene or not. I don’t think we are called to try and read God’s mind but maybe you could pray for these people and if you are called to do or say something then that person will say something to you directly next time but even then one has to be extremely careful, and I cannot, and would not, personally advise attempting to correct a stranger in the street. Try not to worry. Maybe it was a call for you to pray, to pray for them, and to think about how fortunate you are to have the faith that you do! :thumbsup::slight_smile:


If you are Catholic (your profile does not state your religion) then see a priest immediately and discuss your scrupulosity with him. Lots of us in many threads have advised you to do this. Why haven’t you done this yet?


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