Are these good coping mechanism when dealing with sin?


I’ve been told replacement works. Replace a bad habit with a better one. It is hard to stop bad habits altogether. Another one I’ve heard is paying less attention to that sin. Like you know when people tell you not to think of a certain something and the first thing you do is think of that. Is that true? There is no easy way to conquer sin. I’d like little strategies. I’ve heard distraction is good strategy.


My confessor would say to avoid being idle and divert your attention and focus on something else when tempted. Keep yourself busy, learn new skill or hangout with your friends.

Include praying the Holy Rosary, Divine Mercy Chaplet and to St. Michael in your routine.

These strategies worked and still works for me. There’s no harm in trying.


I wish I weren’t so petty and I wanted to be right. Those are difficult ones. Sins of the heart.


Yes, replacing a bad habit with a good one is one of the best ways.

The usual method I do to avoid sin is to remember its consequences: God is sad when I sin and I’m just jeopardising my own salvation


A gun will not fire without a trigger.

Remove sin’s trigger.


I’ve found that focussing on others’ sins is an excellent distraction strategy. it really works. I completely forget about my own, that way.


so would I. Unceasing prayer perhaps might work? Say “Lord have mercy on me a sinner” a 1000 times day. I’m not joking. It has helped some people. You need to say it under your breath or out loud. In the car, in the shower, cooking a meal, at a party and so on. One guy used to say it 3000 times a day!


@Jump4Joy , true , there is no easy way , especially if one is relying on one’s own efforts .

Get the Holy Spirit on the job , and use some of the methods you refer to .

As one of my confessors reminds me , it’s a struggle that is going to go on until death .


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