Are these good standards for modest clothing?

this is my rule i usually go by, what do you guys think?

if it’s shorts or skirts and even dresses, i stretch out my arms and whatever it is have to be a few inches past my fingertips at least. so usually the shortest is like 3/4 thigh to the knee kind of area. if it’s pants, nothing super tight, so that leaves mostly sweats, track pants, yoga pants and some jeans, depending on how they fit. oh and dress pants for church of other more formal occasions. for the top, nothing low-cut or even v-necks, shoulders covered is my limit, i try to find dresses and t-shirts with some sleeve mostly though, or sleeveless if my limit. if i absolutely have to use something else, i’ll get one those little tops that can go tover staghetti-strap dresses but most the most part i just stick with hoodies and sweaters or t-shirts in summer.

i guess the only exception is for swimming, i do have a one-piece bathing suit but i only wear it if it’s not somewhere super public or if it’s mostly girls around. if not, i just wear a t-shirt and shorts.

do you guys think this is reasonable?

Yes, I think it sounds reasonable. But keep in mind, just like everyone else on this forum, I am simply a stranger on the internet. I may agree with your wardrobe, yet you will likely have some who don’t think it’s reasonable for you to wear a piece of bifurcated fabric on your lower half because of your chromosomes, some who think you shouldn’t wear a swimsuit whatsoever, and those who think that your sleeves should come down past your ankles and your dresses and skirts should be ankle-length.

Thank you for at least thinking about it. You can’t use cultural norms as a guide. Skirts and dresses should be long enough so that when you are sitting the hems come below the knees. One piece swim suites should be the practice if you swim in public. Otherwise your choices seem O.K.


Personally I would say that length was fine for shorts etc but a little short for skirts - otherwise sounds like your intentions are in the right place which is what actually matters !

For shorts it’s fine. For skirts, it depends how many inches past your fingertips. If I wore a skirt that was at fingertip length, it would be 8 inches above my knees - way too short. If I allowed only 2 more inches, it would still be 6 inches above - still too way too short. I think if it falls just above the knee, it would be fine.

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