Are these Impediments to the priesthood?


I am seeing some of the impediments to the ordination and I have one question, maybe you could help me, it is regarding: " * Attempt to perform an act proper to the priesthood or episcopate . This applies to acts such as hearing confessions, etc. when one has not received the proper ordination to do so."

I remember, when I was young I did 2 actions and I dont know if I am overthinking it or not… But, I remember once attempting to do an exorcism, of course the website that I followed said that it was not reserved to priests and my understanding is that I did not do anything that required “Authority” per se, but rather it was more like an exorcism, but asking the Lord to exorcise rather than exorcise by “myself.”

When I was 15 years old, I think I might have attempted to do a blessing, over someone I do not have spiritual authority, again it was using the words that are reserved, but my intention was NOT to give the blessing since I understood that it is reserved to the priest, but rather my intention was asking God to bless them, but I might have said the words reserved to priests, but no sign of the cross over people or anything like that…

I am sorry for the inconvenience caused, and thank you!

Please pray for everyone who is discerning their calling…

just btw, at the moment, I thought I was actually doing good by doing it, and my intention was never to do evil, so I dont think I had full knowledge, but I do know that for impediments/irregularities it doesnt matter…

I don’t think it would be a problem especially since you probably did it without bad intent in any way. Don’t worry about it. If it really bothers you just bring it up in confession

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I’m reminded of how Alexander, Patriarch of Alexandria, overheard some boys playing Mass on the beach. He was so impressed by the boy playing the part of Priest that he took him in and trained him up to be a real priest, as well as to be his assistant and successor. It was Athanasius, one of the greatest saints who ever lived.


No, these things are not impediments.

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Thank you so much!

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