Are these night time events, sins?

Once in a while, I am plagued with a nocturnal emission. These come out of the blue, not after viewing pornography or engaging in impure thoughts and desires. I feel disgusted afterwards. Have I committed a sin, either venial or mortal? I don’t feel worthy of receiving Holy Communion after this happens until I have a chance to go to Confession. I do have prostate issues that might be part of the problem. Also I suffer from scrupulosity which increases my anxiety. Thanks very much for your help. And God bless you!

Dear friend,

It does appear that you have some problems with scruples. One cannot commit sin unless one is fully awake. Certainly, one cannot commit sin if one is unconscious. You may feel that you have sinned, but feelings are things that we have; not what we are. Next time, do not avoid the Eucharist because of what happens in your sleep.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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