Are these real or "messed" with?


Take a good look at these photos:

[left]I found them from this website that someone else on this forum put: [/font]
I’ll admit I’m a bit skeptical of some…take a look at all of them and tell me what you think of them![/left]


I don’t see anything:confused:


This appeared on the side of a bank near where I grew up.:hmmm:


As a professional photographer, I am very skeptical…
These could be nothing more than breaks in the clouds, but that is all I would give them credit for. There is insufficient detail to say for sure that it is really an image of Jesus (or anyone else for that matter). I’d just blow it off PB. :slight_smile:


[quote=Genesis315]I don’t see anything:confused:

Well, read


I have my doubts … but I also have my hopes.


[quote=ChristopherMich]I have my doubts … but I also have my hopes.

True, I am skeptical of a few in the website and that’s why I wanted to ask you guys your own opinions. I am wondering if someone used Photoshop to “mess” with…I know Photoshop myself due to my Graphic Design & Illustration degree I’ll be getting soon after my last year of college!!!:wink: Believe me, I KNOW what Photoshop can do to pictures!!!

But other than that, they are fun to look at and yes, it does in a way, give us HOPE!!!:smiley:


[font=Verdana]I don’t think you need a website.[/font] Pray the Holy Rosary every day. Then go outside and gaze at the sky. Because you really do believe and have faith don’t ask for proof through a vision. Pray again asking for the great gift of a vision. Not for proof, not for a sign, but food for your soul and your faithful eyes. You won’t too often be disappointed.


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