Are these words foul language?

Are words like "pissed off"or “freaking” considered foul language?

They are certainly outside the bounds of normal civil discourse. So is any scatalogical term (one that uses one of our coarser bodily functions as a euphemism for an emotional or psychological reaction). Only 4-year-olds consider this type of vocabulary acceptable, nobody older gets any satisfaction from speaking in these terms and hopefully has developed a more mature style of speaking and a broader vocabulary.

That sucks.:smiley: I kid, I kid.

I wish it were true that most people over four are beyond finding this language funny. Unfortunately, too many “comedians” have made too much money for me to believe it. Just look at the types of messages written on t-shirts and worn with pride.

Our culture needs to re-learn the concept of shame.

I wish I had been quick enough to have come up with that one… great! ROTFL!:rotfl:

I think freaking is okay if you mean “I’m freaking out about this exam.” But not if you mean as a substitute for the other word that begins with F.

You should read some of the discourse between St Thomas More and Erasmus and Martin Luther…

Certainly informal. Not really foul. They are actually euphemisms or “light” substitutions for stronger wordings.

Yes to the first. No to the second. That’s just my opinion, but I’m right. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, I guess you could argue that since the words slipped by the CAF censors without being replaced with little asterisks, they can’t be all that bad. :wink:

I would consider the first one to be foul language, but it’s not all that bad. Not as bad as some other words. The second is not foul language. It’s a replacement word like “heck” and “darn/dang” which I use all the time. :smiley:

well, ‘pissed off’ i try not to use, because, it just sounds too much like ‘****’ and thats not cute…

but i hope ‘freakin’ isnt foul cuz i use it ALLOVER this website!! lol…and no ones ever said anything about it…

I did a thread once, about cursing, and, while its distasteful and unladylike- the overall consensous was that it in itself wasnt a sin, like taking the lords name or cursing someone (like, ‘I hope sickness falls on your family’) would be…

i wouldnt say FOUL language, I’d say SLANG, and at least I’m makin an attempt to clean up my sailor mouth!! :slight_smile:

oh well that takes all the fun out of it… j/k:p

no but really, and honestly, there is a certain amount of…relief that comes droppin’ the F bomb when its called for…LOL…not that swearin is somethin’ everyone should be doing…i know i know…but its weird, that, sometimes no other words can quite get the point or emotion across…:shrug:

Like when you stub your toe…you have to seriously have will power to squeeze outta 'ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh- ugar’ LMBO

I prefer “annoyed” for the first one and "flippin’ " for the second.

And for the one that Charlotte408 referenced, a college professor of mine had a very sweet substitute: sugar, honey, iced tea.


I do not consider it “foul language.” It is more like slang. “Pissed off” perhaps means that you are so angry that you literally pee in your pants. “Freaking” means that something is either strange or extreme. Usually, people use this word instead of using the other F word which we are constantly tempted to use. So, we get rid of that temptation by partially satisfying it with “freaking.” It’s much like how Ned Flanders uses “darn didily” and “doodily” in “the Simpsons” show.

If you feel uncomfortable using those words, then maybe you can replace it with “ticked off” and “bloody.” But, bloody is usually the Brittish version of “freaking” and would not make any sense on this side of the pond. So, be creative and find another word, like “darn.” If all else fails, then just get rid of all the slang and use dull and boring high class language.:wink:

Oh please, don’t overestimate your intelligence.

It largely depends where you are, and who you’re speaking to. I don’t speak like that with my parents, and I refrain from cursing around girls, but with my guy friends, all hell breaks loose, because it’s acceptable to us and it doesn’t really matter.

What is this “mature” style of speaking you talk of? - If you want to be so meticulous about these kinds of things, at least learn to spell properly, that includes spelling “scatological” properly, re-read it.

There’s no one style of speaking, and certainly don’t try to impose your grandiose opinion of semantics and etiquette on the entire board.

To the OP, no, they aren’t foul words, freaking certainly isn’t, but pissed off might irritate a few people.

Sorry have to have Annie’s back here…

I dont think it was very nice of you to slyly undercut and insult her in the first line of your post. I can tell by your writing your educated and intelligent… this should afford you some humility…I’m sure with all that you know, you could have very easily put your 2cents in without malice or spite.

You ask,

when you already know because you use it:

Next time instead of insulting someone to make yourself seem more intelligent, you might just cut it down to a response to the focus of the thread, like:

Whats that saying? Wise people speak when they have something to say…Idiots speak just to HAVE something to say…

Not implying anything to you River, just saying sometimes less is more…

Wow, maybe there are worse things I can say, just in bigger words… Don’t let my question become an opportunity for uncharity toward puzzleannie or anyone else. I have come to see puzzleannie as a respected font of wisdom. I always find her posts to be rock solid. She is also always very kind and knowledgeable. I think as much as I still really want to keep using those words, I will find a way to remove them from my vocabulary. Even if they aren’t exactly foul, I can do better. Annie is right–I am appealing to immaturity when I use those words and I’m going to try to stop. I should be able to speak in a way that can’t be seen as offensive by any reasonable person. I can hold myself to the higher standard puzzleannie advocated for…
Thanks to everyone who replied, but especially you, puzzleannie.

This is something I’d like to pick everyone’s brain about. I’m honestly curious about how someone can restrain themselves from swearing in that kind of instance. When you stub your toe, or something makes you angry, how can someone have enough conscious and rational thought to stop themselves from cursing? This is basically the only time I do use that sort of language, when I’m angry. How does everyone else stop themselves from using those words?


I have to be honest, and say that I dont! lol…if I’m by myself, I’ll let out an ARMY of bad words!! and they get put together and man I’m makin’ up my own as I go along!!!


but if, say I stub my toe, and get the ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shhhhhh- i usually look to the side and see my kid- and then i just finish with -sugar.

I dont know HOW…its just…being confronted with someone whos lookin to you for everything THEY do, its just easier to say to replace the word with something else…especially when you’ve already learned from past experiences…lol…like my kid saying to her friend, ‘pick that s***t up’ LOL!!!

‘STUFF’, Jaylee…STUFF!!!

yah you learn real quick…


I have no idea what it is about this comment, but it hit a funny bone.

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