Are they any artist here?

Are they any artist here on CAF or anybody who is into art? If so what kind of art do you draw? I like to draw both anime and anthropomorphic animals. This here is the lastest picture I drew.

Yes , I am- I favour paintings of saints, beati (esp St.Priscilla) , comic book characters and hisotorical figures such as George and Martha Washington, dark fantasy and macabre things like H.P.Lovecraft’s “Cthulhu mythos”, vampires and werewolves!


I’m on deviantART and I am an artist. :3

I am a mosaic artist and lately I have been creating 6’ x 8" depictions of lit candles with various backgrounds.

Also, Madonna and Child, 12" x 24"; Dove (Holy Spirit), 12 x 14"; and most recently “The Good Shepherd”, 12" x 14".

The majority of them have been given away as gifts.

I am not an artist but I love art. Your drawing is great, God blessed you with talent:thumbsup:

Thanks to all who replied. I like werewolves myself terry. I draw them every now and then.

Crescentius, I am also on deviantart.

That’s awesome dorothy. If you can I would like you to post your art so I can see it.

Thanks mountee.

To post my art I will have to wait for my daughter, the technical one, to stop by here, take pictures of the pictures I have, and then post them for me. :slight_smile: If that happens soon I will gladly post them.

May I add you there? :3
Even though I can’t draw, I am still an artist. :3
Also, your drawing is awesome. :3

Thank you crescentius. What is your deviantart name?

Also, this is a finished version of my picture.

Yeah, I like to draw all the time.
Dinosaurs, monsters, comic book characters,religious figures, animals, scenery, logos, concepts, you name it.
I probably sketch more than I should, but I get a kick out of it.
Anyone care to post any of your work?

I love to create. Does that count?
I draw some, I love to write. I like to be creative even with food.:smiley:

Your parents never taught you not to play with your food?

I guess that counts. There is something artistic about using food.

The pic is awesome. :3

I’ll PM you my dA name. :3

Ok. apparently there aren’t that many artists on here.
I was kinda looking forward to seeing other peoples art.

I have a Master of Fine Arts in Writing, but that’s not what you mean so I’ll just go now. :frowning: (slouched shoulders, shuffling feet, heaved sigh, and Nom vanishes: poof!)

Send me your email address and I 'll post you samples of my artwork I have on Flickr!


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