Are things like AFV sinful to watch?

So laughing at the pain or misfortune of others is sinful to do since it is uncharitable. Are things like AFV, where people will submit real life slapstick and things like that for viewers, sinful to watch or enjoy? On the one hand, we are enjoying the pain of others, but on the other hand, it always seemed so innocuous and harmless. Any input here?

I had the same question actually! Ever since I returned to church I realized so many things that I used to watch or do that seemed harmless and innocent, but when you think about it the way the Lord sees it, is uncharitable. So I stopped watching those things. Avoid at all coast offending the Lord. Is it truly worth it to offend him just to get a couple of laughs at other people’s misery?

That’s just my own view of things, I know a lot of people will sadly disagree.

But here is a question to anyone who would object. We are supposed to imitate Jesus in EVERYTHING, thats the call to be holy. So before you do something, think “What would Jesus do, if he was with me right now?” Will He stay and watch AFV and laugh at those people? Will He listen to the bad music I was listening to? Will He stay around while I go on and on, speaking badly of others, with no regret whatsoever?

So how do you answer these questions? If it was “No” then you’d know better not to do these things.

God bless. :slight_smile:


If Peter slipped on a banana peel and fell, but was not seriously injured, would Jesus be very serious or would he laugh? I think he would laugh. As long as no one is hurt and they think it’s funny as well, it should be fine, right?

People submit those videos of themselves, so I think it’s fine.

Since they are generally submitted by the person or persons involved in the incident I think it is fine. Usually, the person involved hopes their misfortune is funny enough to win some money, so they are hoping people will laugh.

What is AFV? Sorry I am so uninformed :slight_smile: Once i know what it is then I might be able to throw my 2 cents in… take care. all.


America’s Funniest Videos. TV show of clips people send in showing accidents/pranks/etc.

And to the OP, it is fine to laugh. The videos are submitted by the people themselves. You would only need concern yourself if the videos changed from harmless accidents and such to degrading or mean actions.

The first response here was that Jesus wouldn’t laugh if somebody fell, I mean I don’t think Jesus was always mad, and with a frown on his face. If you see the video and you see that they deliberately hurt somebody then don’t watch it. But most of the time is good clean fun. Besides laughter is the best medicine.

Reread my response: I said Jesus most likely would laugh if one of his friends did something silly and wasn’t injured! :thumbsup:

It’s hard for me to think of something LESS sinful than watching America’s Funniest Home Videos.

Your right I went back and retread it, my apologies.

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