Are unblessed miraculous medals just as good as blessed ones?


Someone I know left the church several years ago and just tonight got a nudge from God about coming home… I don’t know what she’s going to do but I’m thinking she might come home soon, as in, maybe Christmas. We’ll see what happens. Right now I’m doing everything I can. Rosaries. Novena. Etc.

I have a bag of miraculous medals in my room at college, but I didn’t bring it home with me. All I’ve got is the one I taped over the webcam on my laptop. It hasn’t been blessed and I don’t have access to a priest until tomorrow evening.

I can’t give the miraculous medal to the certain person because I’m pretty sure that would send her over the wrong edge.

I can leave it in her room or drop it in her bag and she won’t know she has it. She’ll find it later and won’t know where it came from.

Wait, maybe it was blessed when I went to Rome. I can’t remember if I had it with me then. Anyway if it isn’t blessed, does it still leak grace?

By the way if you could say one hail Mary for her that would be super cool.


that’s wonderful that God is leading her back!! :slight_smile:

would it be possible to just ‘give’ her the miraculous medal later on, when you get it blessed?

from my understanding yes God can still use it but it’s good to have it blessed too. But I think someone else here could give you a more knowledgeable answer…

what do you think would be her reaction if she’ll find it in her room? :stuck_out_tongue:

btw, I love the Miraculous Medal… it’s special to me… cause I prayed to get one (didn’t have money for it) and someone “randomly” offered me one the next day. :wink:

definitely pray the Rosary, Mary has a way of leading people into the Church (for example, she lead me)

I hope everything goes well! I said a prayer for her

God bless


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