Are verbal attacks out of anger ever a grave sin?

Noticing in St Aquinas mortal sin description that the extreme anger is only a mortal sin when it includes a want to kill or to seriously wound a person. That type of circumstance then would seem to escalate from calling a name or a verbal attack.

(Matt 5:22)
Getting angry and calling someone a fool maybe for revenge or to hurt their feelings would leave a person liable to hell fire by making them vulnerable to commit a more serious action I assume.

So then to look at the question, is calling names out of anger a graven sin or venial sin?

I won’t answer your question about sin, that is really for a priest in a confession to answer.

I was just listening to a priest who said…

verbal attacks and ranting lead to more disordering says a priest i was just listening to. WE should not rant, it just encourages more ranting and leads to lack of growth in the ordering of the soul.

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