Are we allowed to discuss the Pope John Paul 2 meeting with Gorbachev and some of the controversey surrounding it?

I watched an hour long special on this topic yesterday and I was shocked, I could not believe what they were saying and its all verified and documented!

It also involves the guy who had a Roman warrant for his arrest but he was the one in charge of the vaticans money, cant spell his name right, something like Carlisosi, he had vowed to get the 2 together and good picture of PJP2 with Gorb and this guy standing in the middle of them.

I know CAF has rules about discussing Popes in this regard, but not sure if this has ever been discussed or if its allowed, want to avoid any trouble from the mods.:slight_smile:

I don’t see the problem.

Here’s a link to a CNS report on the meeting.

Inside the John Paul II-Gorbachev meeting | CNS Blog

Show me what is so “shocking” and then explain to me just what the guy who got busted has to do with it. Frankly, so what, anyone can wind up in a photograph but that has nothing to do with Pope St. John Paul the Great meeting with Gorbachev or anyone else, so what your alleged issue?

If this proves bogus you may well hear from a mod about it, but if you have some source that alleges a scandalous problem then cough it up and we;ll see if it holds water, but don’t hold the church or Pope JPII responsible for something he had no knowledge of at the time. Would you want to have someone do that to you?


So Mike…it’s been over 24 hours since you posted this. Where are you now? We’re all here buddy…

Sorry, it took me so long to get back to this, been busy at work.

This basically is about what Malachi Martin talks about in his book "vatican’ and the new world order.

I heard about this on Irvin Baxters tv show End of the age, I just found some of the details involving the vatican bank scandal and the relationship between to two, to be kind of strange.

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