Are we allowed to drink Holy Water?


Out of the font, I agree. But I’d hope anyone who is going to drink it would take water from a known safe source (like a gallon purchased at the store or tap water into a clean container) to be blessed and then drink that.



blood of christ>holy water



I don’t know if the amount of salt is sufficient to make a difference but this could be one reason to prefer the older way water was blessed.

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Yes in an emergency.



Yes, you can.

It is common to drink holy water in many Catholic countries, and in all Eastern Churches (Orthodox and Catholic).

Please don’t drink the holy water from the font, just bring a jug of water to the parish - any priest or deacon will bless your own water for you to take home.

At the risk of starting a never-ending tangent, there are actually different blessing formulations for blessing water for the faithful to use in consumption as opposed to the blessing for water to be used for baptism (which is what the font would have in it). And two different formulations for the baptismal water depending upon whether it is Easter season or not, to boot.

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With all due respect, im sure you have the best intentions with this comment, however it is rude and not called for. I simply am asking if I can apply the use of holy water in this particular way. If you find it ridiculous please don’t comment.

Have a good day :slightly_smiling_face:


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We’re not supposed to take the first one of those home though…

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Indeed we are allowed to drink Holy Water! From my personal experience, I drank Holy Water which was filtered and clean.



I watched “ The Scarlet and the Black “ today.
Gregory Peck, Christopher Plummer - fantastic movie -
Well, there was one scene,
A Priest was captured by the Nazis - put in prison -
Beat to a pulp and left for dead…
another…managed to sneak in to the cell…and gave him a rosary…
They said a Hail Mary…
then he gave the poor suffering priest some holy water…to drink !


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