Are we allowed to like Hillsong songs?



The rhythm and melodies are fine. The theology/lyrics “may” (or maybe not) be areas of caution. However, IMO “Christian” stations tend to feature music that is so breathless and syrupy sweet that I have to inject insulin to avoid diabetic shock.

Which is fine, as Christ came to bring us joy. My only concern is that the gist of many such songs is that it is all up to God and we are more or less spectators.


Without God we can do nothing


Great answer!
Let’s parse this: “Without God” i.e. His grace,
“we can do nothing”, i.e. doing something is cooperating with that grace.


I like the ones I have heard @goodcatholic .

The one you post is a beautiful , simple prayer to the Holy Spirit .

I say encore ! :smiley:


I personally consider it a mortal sin. Not sure if the church shares that view. Lol :slight_smile:


I consider myself a muso of sorts. This has a very simple and powerful melody. That’s what attracted me to it first. And now I’m trying to master it on fingerstyle guitar. The lyrics were my concern.
“Take me to your sanctuary” do you think that is a suitable Christian lyric?


I’m just back from church and after receiving Communion we sang this song which may be a Hillsong-type song , but I found it deeply appropriate for me at the time - - - - - - - - -

When I feel the touch
Of Your Hand upon my life
It causes me to sing a song
That I love You Lord

So from deep within
My spirit singeth unto Thee
You are my King You are my God
And I love You Lord


I don’t see a problem unless you want to elaborate. Maybe you could replace the word “sanctuary” with a suitable one with 3 syllables, since IMO they drop the “a” to squeeze it in. :guitar:


You’re trolling, right?


I love Hillsong’s music and listen to it almost daily.


I like Alive by Hillsong :slightly_smiling_face:


Some great songs



I’ve never been fond of the overly sappy and sweet contemporary Christian songs, but they’re good artists I suppose.


The songs tend to be very me and my oriented. MY feels, I want, I need, MY this, My that.

This is the sugar bubblegum of Christian music. A bit of candy now and then won’t likely kill a person. Just eat good meals most of the time.


That song is itself a mortal sin. :smiley: “Come, now is the time to worship” is the other.

Hillsong had good stuff back in the 80’s and 90’s, but the musical and lyrical quality has lowered significantly in recent years, especially with their “Hillsong United” band. They sound too much like typical hard rock music with a sprinkling of Christian phrases here and there, but lacking theological depth or a sense of devotion.

On the other hand, Don Moen’s stuff has remained quite good.


Actually I really don’t like Don Moen lol. I find '80s CCM and Praise and Worship to be pretty gawd awful actually :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m quite picky. I like a lot of Don Moen, but not all of it. Ditto Marty Nystrom. I have a much higher preference for 1990’s Praise and Worship, but I have always been discerning. Today’s Hillsong stuff, however, I would avoid like the plague.


Too bad the smiley wasn’t a sufficient hint.

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