Are we allowed to post pictures of SSPX chapels?

i am only wondering as there is a post about posting classical church pictures, i attend SSPX chapel, wanted to know if i was allowed to post our church picture? i do not want to violate CAF rules:)

I don;t see why there would be a problem with it. We have some pretty intense discussions here about the SSPX so why not have a photo of where they have their masses at?

Hello…I personally don’t think it will be a problem…There shouldn’t be any problem at least…it is a topic widely discussed, so I don’t see how pictures can be outlawed about that topic.

I’m going to show my ignorance here :wink:

What is a SSPX chapel?

a church:)

SSPX, slightly edited from a Wikipedia article (which is mainly balanced in favor of the group):

The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is an international society of traditionalist priests. Its official Latin name is Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Pii X, which means “Priestly Fraternity of St. Pius X”. It was founded in November 1970 by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the French churchman who was the best-known opponent of the changes in the Catholic Church associated with the Second Vatican Council of 1962–1965.

The SSPX was established under Catholic canon law in the provisional form of a pia unio. This status was withdrawn in 1975, since which time the society has existed in a state of dispute with the Holy See. In 1988, Archbishop Lefebvre consecrated four SSPX priests as bishops in violation of the orders of Pope John Paul II. The Holy See described this step as a “schismatic act” and stated that Lefebvre and the four bishops had incurred excommunication. Those excommunications have not been lifted. It does not regard the SSPX’s members and supporters as individually schismatic (preferring to take a pastoral approach in order to bring them back into communion with the church), but it has clearly stated that “many in authority” in the Society conform to the definition of schism, and that those who attend SSPX Masses are in danger of “imbib[ing] a mentality which separates itself from the magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff”, leading over time to “formal adherence to the schism”. Those loyal to the SSPX claim that the bishops are neither schismatic nor excommunicated, arguing that their actions are canonically legitimate because the Church is in a state of necessity. However, Roman Catholics are forbidden from taking part in SSPX services or attending SSPX chapels because of the scandal involved with the support of the schism.

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we know this already. that has nothing to do with the original question i posted. so please keep the post inline with the question. thanks.

Go ahead and post some pictures…I would love to see them…I love to see pictures of beautiful Churches.

Yes, you can post the pictures. Just please make sure that they are not oversized. They should be small enough to fit the size of a standard post.

sorry… blame my huby for that:D i told him to shrink them:D

Sorry - it was actually my fault as I asked what an SSPX chapel was. I didn’t know what it was. The poster was just trying to help my ignorance! :slight_smile:

the quote wa snot meant for you it was meant for the other poster who posted about the sspx.

I would like to see a sub forum for SSPX here.

Not true! Rome permits Catholics to attend but “discourages” them from doing so. Which isn’t quite the same as “forbidding” them.
By the way, you know we’re living in some strange times when Catholics are forbidden from attending Traditional Latin Masses but the Pope himself visits mosques and synagogues…:confused:

I want them to change their name to “WESTERN” Orthodox so’s they can get hugs, kisses, Ancient Icons, forbidden to proslytize them. Honor from Rome and equal seating with the pope, just like the “EASTERN” Orthodox.

No subs for the SSPX!
They deny VATII. Wherein the EASTERN Orthodox only deny EVERY Council since about 500AD.

You have to be really really bad to be treated good.
The SSPX is only 1st level bad.

Originally Posted by Woodstock
… Roman Catholics are forbidden from taking part in SSPX services or attending SSPX chapels because of the scandal involved with the support of the schism.

I go often so’s to support the dogma of ecumenism.
Remember JPII’s & VATII’s admonition to pray with the separated brethren??



TNT! Haven’t seen you here for a while, welcome back!


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