Are we allowed to skip the Sign of Peace?

My church doesn’t say the Sign of Peace right before the Agnus Dei. Is this allowed, or is it a departure from the rubrics?

The Sign of Peace may be omitted.

Congregation for Divine Worship’s 2014 Circular Letter on the Sign of Peace (emphasis added)

…If it is foreseen that it will not take place properly due to specific circumstances or if it is not considered pedagogically wise to carry it out on certain occasions, it can be omitted, and sometimes ought to be omitted. It is worth recalling that the rubric from the Missal states: “Then, if appropriate, the Deacon or the Priest, adds: “Let us offer each other the sign of peace”

I can’t imagine why it would be omitted every week, but it can be omitted if deemed appropriate by the celebrant.

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