Are we in the U.S. heading towards Moral Decay?


Are we Catholics and Christians in the U.S. losing the moral battle? Will we also fall into darkness as has Europe or do we still stand a chance in this moral battle?


Europe has fallen into darkness?
I think they are doing better than ever. I don’t know about the Catholics and Christians re the “moral battle” but I think the others in the US are not losing this so-called battle at all.



We seem to be losing the moral battle, but not due to popular will. It’s by misfeasance of the court justices.


We’re not heading, we’ve been there for many years. Babylon west has fallen.

We can try to get it back but it would be like trying to fall back upstairs.

Either way, God Bless, and ICXC NIKA


Man has always been sinful. No matter what time and place. But our particular society has indeed been in moral decay since the 1960s. We’ve lost faith, not only in God, but in an objective moral system in general. We’ve made sex into a fun thing to do without commitment. We’ve forgotten the sanctity of marriage.

We celebrate unhealthy sexual behavior as as an “identity.” We say abortion should be a “choice.” Bad language and vulgarity is now considered the norm most everywhere in public. Manipulating people under the banner of “advertisements” and “public relations” is seen as an acceptable career choice. Putting profit over people is encouraged as “good business sense.” and so on and so on.

We were very sinful back in the 1950s, and in some important respects (racism, misogamy, etc.) we’ve improved morally since then, but in most respects, we’ve experienced a serious moral decay that, in my view, threatens all western civilization.


We have been on the lost side of this battle for many years. I think we will be worse than Europe in a few years. It COULD change, but I don’t think this country has the resolve to make it happen. I hope I’m wrong.


You took the words out of my mouth.

Daddysgirl, Europe is even more secular than the US. Europe for the most part is on a downwards spiral. The catholic faith is almost dead there.


We have been circling the moral decline drain for decades, ever since the Supreme Court brought pornography into our lives and kicked prayer out. Now they are forcing gay marriage on us, it won’t be long until we are sucked down into the sewer for good. :frowning:


Well now it depends on who the “we” in your statement refers to. The people I cross paths with, most of them I can’t imagine they watch the smut stuff from Hollywood, or curse God’s Name by saying the “OMGosh” (except God’s Name instead of the Gosh part - you know what I mean.)

I do see one junkfood chain’s drive-up with the OMG posting in their marketing, and hear the OMG thing from all ages, including as today the mouths of babes in the department stores. To which I got the frustrated courage to respond aloud for the first time “Blessed is the NAME of the LORD” and I moved along to an alternate aisle.

I do see a lot of women of all ages dress promiscuously, vulgarly and quite absurdly as if reflecting Hollywood’s sick fantasyland.

The county I live in is a hotbed for Meth, a single mom was shot to death in her apartment down the street for no reason by a serial burglar just out for his thrills it would seem, while her 8 year-old slept in the apartment.

Meanwhile the local charities keep busy in many ways including helping the homeless. The folks running Oil Can Henry treat me like a Queen, as do other businesses and as did many businesses on Mother’s Day.

Your question’s a hard one to answer without a poll of the present and retro-time travel to do a survey. Humanity is probably the same, just more crowded with more people today. Ya got yer goats an ya got yer sheeps. That about sums it I suppose. Now if you’re talking government - its only as “we” as our activity.


With an ***average ***of ***26 *posts per day for 5 years in a row, GEddie has learned to be quick on the draw. :cool:

Daddysgirl, Europe is even more secular than the US. Europe for the most part is on a downwards spiral. The catholic faith is almost dead there.

I heard friends from Europe 30 years ago saying that America was WAY BEHIND on progress. They said it was unbelievable that radio broadcasting would have a list of 8 words that could not be heard on the airwaves. Guess what? The list is now down to 4 words. Do you know what they are? (They’re the 4 words you currently won’t hear on the American radio / broadcast TV, but you WILL hear them on Cable and Pay-Per-View, in theaters and in recorded media.)

According to my erstwhile friends, that is what they mean by “progress.”

How does a termite define progress? That would be when the wood framing of your house is entirely rotten from termite activity. I.E., it’s time to tear down the house.

A meet indicator of our collective depravity is when our youth cannot discern the rot in society, when it would make our grandparents to be rolling over in their graves.

When the diabolical statue of Baphomet announced in Oklahoma City OK the other day was rejoined by songs of praise by thousands of voices across the land, it was a wake-up call. Never before in America has satanism been dragged out into the open like that.

Welcome to the brave new world. Aldous Huxley may have foreseen it too, but he couldn’t have written about that in his best seller. It would never have been printed.


Pretty much the same opinion here. This “great moral decay” is basically “Waaaaa! We can’t force non-belivers to not have sex anymore, how dare they not do what I want!”

IMO Europe’s on the up moral wise. We’ve a long way to go when it comes to zones like equal pay between sexes across the EU but generally? Things are looking good, and any surveys that I’ve seen like the Swedish survey of popular contentment show similar things.

The US is a little way behind some of Western Europe but it’s picking up the pace very very swiftly. It’ll get there soon enough.

Dunno about you but my grandparents would be happy, we ain’t all got sticks up our butt.

A wind up, there was a petition in London last hear ago for a statue of his “Divine noodly majesty the one true God; the flying Sphagetti monster” to be set up. It wasn’t, and everyone just ignored it because they realised it was stupid. If folks would see that statue as the same we’d not have a problem. It was never going to get built.

Happy to be here, better than a Theocracy where no one has any free will thanks.


I believe that there is really nothing new under the Sun…with mass communication and technology allowing immediate access to news the world is smaller and we are definitely more aware of everything …I believe that the breakdown of the nuclear family, no sense of ‘sin’…complete moral decay…an attempt of our government to appease all sections of society i.e. did you EVER imagine that the Govt. would pass legislation to allow to people of the same sex to enter into something they refer to as marriage, will, in my humble opinion be our undoing. My Orthodox Priest friend and I discuss this fairly regularly and he comments that throughout history there have been Religious (not just spiritual), Religious ‘dry’ periods…not popular…I honestly believe that to be truly Christian today is to be completely counter cultural…in a word,Yes…I think our culture is in the toilet… I maintain faith and hope…I am joyful…not always happy…but joyful…I believe that if we dwell on the state of affairs w/out maintaining some spiritual component to our lives we would be ‘sucked in’…Frequent reception of the Sacraments, daily Rosary, time reading Scripture, I pray the LOTH, and try to let my behavior during the day reflect Christ’s Love…this little light of mine…the desensitazation of the young to the ‘garbage’ in the world…that which is pumped into their brains not only on t.v. but at College, including but not limited to SOME so called Catholic Colleges …so a mircophone placed in front of a young person in D.C. for the Right to Life Conference…when questioned,stated that artificial contraception was O.K…where’s the Catechesis…? PAX


How does a termite define progress? That would be when the wood framing of your house is entirely rotten from termite activity. I.E., it’s time to tear down the house.

Of course, it would be prudent to ask your friends and all like them what exactly so they think we are progressing to? What is the goal? And what are the consequences. I wonder how often they really think about these questions, rather than just parrot the line about this nebulous “progress” they believe in.

A meet indicator of our collective depravity is when our youth cannot discern the rot in society, when it would make our grandparents to be rolling over in their graves.

People now revel in a broken world. They celebrate the brokenness and redefine it as “progress” and “normal” and even “freedom.”


Anybody who has read my posts have seen how critical I am of the American Church. However I am critical because I recognise the enormous strength the Church in the US still has. I believe you are miles ahead of Europe and my Australia, where the secular culture has made Christianity almost irrelevant. Do not give up hope in your great country, it remains one of the last remaining strengths of our cultural Christianity. Be proud, even though your government and judiciary is Christ’s worst enemy outside of communist countries. Stand firm for your rights and this organised attack on Christianity, which itself is a sign of the fear the devil holds for a strong America, will fail as all who oppose Christ will eventually fail. Don’t fail in your courage, as despair is a win for Satan.


For Decades eh? America and also the world has always been in moral decay. Those that think we are becoming more evil and losing our morals are very short sighted.


If we have always been sliding downward, I am not sure how believing we are sliding downward is short sighted.


I think that the majority of people in the United States are moral and believe in Jesus Christ. There is even a fairly-sizeable remnant of the entertainment industry workers who are still Christian and who practice Christian morals.

Many of the “decent people” live in the small towns and rural areas and don’t receive a lot of press. But there are lots of decent people in the big cities, too. Again, they don’t get much press.

What frightens me in the U.S. is the very real possibility of losing our legal freedom to practice Christian morality or at least to teach it to people and pass it on to children. We seem to be going to a place where “Christian morality” is considered a “hate crime” deserving of punishment.

I don’t think same-sex marriage will last more than ten years. First of all, it isn’t a fertile marriage, and couples have to go to great lengths to adopt children, and even though many homosexual people seem to move to the top of the adoption list and get preference while heterosexual couples wait for years, there just aren’t that many white infants that need adopting. Perhaps they will opt for adopting older children and teenagers, but this is still a net production of Zero when it comes to having new babies and continuing to populate the country (we’re already at zero population growth).

But the bigger reason why I think same-sex marriage won’t last is that marriage, especially for male homosexuals, is incompatible with the way many homosexuals live out relationships over the course of their lifetime. Although many lesbians find someone and settle down to a monogamous, SECURE relationship, many homosexual men flit from relationship to relationship.

We are already seeing many of the celeb “marriages” break up and head for the divorce court. Divorce costs money, and I can’t see homosexuals willingly getting married and divorced over and over again. Divorce (or any breakup) is also emotionally-wrenching, and homosexuals are not immune from that heartbreak.

Of course, what could happen is that laws will be passed to enable couples (heterosexual, homosexual, and other) to simply write on a piece of paper, “I divorce you” with no financial consequences. What a nightmare that would be!

I do see polygamous marriage becoming legal in the next ten years. I think they are already doing the same type of brainwashing campaign that the homosexuals did to convince Americans that they are “just normal people who want to love and be married in their own special ways.”

To be honest, I think polygamous marriage will actually last longer than same-sex marriage. Historically many countries have flourished even though they practice polygamy (and many of those countries are around today!). And polygamous marriage is fertile–very fertile!

At any rate, I think that it is important for Christians to continue to live moral lives and be a shining light. All too often, we hide in our safe Christian world and we don’t have a lot of association with non-Christians or nominal Christians. I think we should be out there in the “world” as much as we can and always seeking to be Christ to others.


Kingdoms and realms where almost the entire population (save for some Jewish and/or Muslim communities) was explicitly officially Christian, I believe is gone for eternity. If a person is to have an active faith in their life, it will be done pro-actively.

The United States is not Europe. It will have a different history unfold. Much of Europe’s religious decline has to do with how heavily political their churches were. When the state was discredited, the religion went down the tube along with it, since they were welded at the hip. In the early 20th century of northern Europe, you were still an outcast to be anything other than a member of the state Lutheran Church. People attended soggy state protestant or Catholic churches that offered little in the way of human ambition and inspiration. It is hardly surprising that for the modern European, even one of the religious ones is going to have a deeply ingrained emotional aversion to being open about their faith.

On the contrary, the United States is historically much more open about religion. If sogginess,stagnation, and sheer boredom was the prime evil that killed religion in Europe, in the United States, it will be the opposite. A plethora of different televangelists preaching different gospels, shallow spirituality, purely emotional driven theology, etc. In the wake of secular-thinkers lining the halls of American universities and many young people having such a background, it will be difficult for their faith to survive.

The silver lining to all of this is that getting beaten up is the ideal opportunity for a faith to recover from the inside out.

The Church has never - ever - been in a time where life was easy. Even when it had become mighty in terms of temporal power and influence, it had in other ways grown weak.


The USA as a whole has lost its moral battle—at least for now. We should all pray about this. The laws allowing abortion and same sex marriage speak loudly to this. My kids are all grown. I think it must be really hard to raise moral kids in any western culture today. They are bombarded from every side!


From Romans 1:24-32:

24 Therefore God gave them up in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, to the degrading of their bodies among themselves, 25 because they exchanged the truth about God for a lie and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator, who is blessed forever! Amen.

26 For this reason God gave them up to degrading passions. Their women exchanged natural intercourse for unnatural, 27 and in the same way also the men, giving up natural intercourse with women, were consumed with passion for one another. Men committed shameless acts with men and received in their own persons the due penalty for their error.

28 And since they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them up to a debased mind and to things that should not be done. 29 They were filled with every kind of wickedness, evil, covetousness, malice. Full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, craftiness, they are gossips, 30 slanderers, God-haters,[f] insolent, haughty, boastful, inventors of evil, rebellious toward parents, 31 foolish, faithless, heartless, ruthless. 32 They know God’s decree, that those who practice such things deserve to die—yet they not only do them but even applaud others who practice them.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? It was written some 2000 years ago.

These kinds of threads really bother me. All negative yet overlooking some very great strides made over the years: abolition of slavery, ending of segregation, great medical progress with heart disease, cancer, and a significant increase in life expectancy, and I could go on with just as many positives as negatives.

Certainly it’s not perfect. As a Canadian looking from the outside, I see many worrying signs of “fin de régime” in the US such as the extreme political polarization we see; the cost of democracy is becoming prohibitive for “ordinary people” to run for office, the increase in jingoism since the sad events of 2001.

But the thing that really bothers us when we go to the US (we’re presently traveling in Maine) is the degree of waste we see. Huge restaurant portions, and the number of truly massive SUVs we see on the road continues to astound us. We have that in the richer parts of Canada too. There seems to be lacking a sense of shared stewardship of resources.

The rest: abortion on demand, same-sex marriage, etc., well we have that everywhere. And it’s nothing new. See Romans 1 above.

Empires come and go. Look at what happened to the Roman, Soviet and even the British empires. It’s just a normal part of our fallen natures. The Kingdom that the righteous will inherit is not an earthly one. We may see the US fall and another great nation rise, but that one too will eventually fail. No, we won’t find succor on Earth:

I lift up my eyes to the hills—
from where will my help come?
My help comes from the Lord,
who made heaven and earth.

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