Are we just part of a larger plan?

Or, could God have other things going on that we can’t possibly know about?
I know the question begs the answer, but what I mean is:

As Christians, we assume that we are the focus of God’s attention; that His divine wisdom in creating us was his only desire; that He is wholly and solely concerned for our salvation and eternal wellbeing. The human experience is God’s only concern.

It always seemed to me that an eternal and boundless god could have a multitude of “things going on”. God must have boundless love and endless creative powers; these, combined with His omnipresence and omnipotence…well, you get the picture. We could be a small or big part of a larger plan, or one of many plans.

It’s a tantalising prospect. A multitude of planets. Different forms of life or intelligence. The very essences of matter and reality. Time itself. All in the purview of an infinite God.

I know these thoughts have been entertained before, and the thread may have been done. Just thinking on screen, that’s all.

Well logically I don’t think that an infinite being can have its attention fully occupied by anything. There will always be enough attention to go around, no matter how many things it’s watching. So logically, I’d say there’s no reason that any of those things couldn’t happen, given an omnipresent, omniscient god.

Welp, here’s the thing.

Christ (the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity) became Man. That means, that the same Being that created supernovas and mitochondria emptied Himself out to become (of all other things) human.

Thus, I think it’s pretty safe to say that we are the focus of God’s plan. Now, I’m sure He has many, many, many interesting and fantastic things going on in other parts of the universe that we’ll one day see either through technology or when we die, but I don’t think any of them trumps our salvation.

But would it not be possible for Him to become any other intelligent species if it was necessary for their salvation?

I know CS Lewis’ Space Trilogy dealt with this topic, but it didn’t really address that question specifically… unless I missed it, anyway.

Edit: I would still recommend that the OP hansard considered giving it a read, though.

I don’t doubt that God could have but we have zero evidence that He has or will. I understand that just because Scripture doesn’t speak of something doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist, but it would seem somewhat profitable for God to have given us a hint of some kind that we aren’t the pinnacle of Creation we thought we were. That something else was made in His image too?

It just seems too important a fact to leave out. But then again, I’m not God and this is all mere speculation.

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