Are we less free today than we were 20 years ago?

There’s a great 24 minute video on YouTube called William Gairdner: The Trouble with Canada…Still.

I first saw William Gairdner on the Michael Coren Show.
He’s a great speaker with a lot of passion and insight.
The comments he makes about Canada can be applied to much of the world today. You may not agree with all he says, but it’s good food for thought.


You are fortunate to have such a clear headed "political and cultural " observer, such as Mr.William D.Gairdner.He argues his case affirming the existence of universal truths of morality ,grounded in natural law.Our society even twenty years ago was heading towards a society based on moral relativism, which got a strong hold with the sixties “flower power” revolution-----

The motto being if it feels good --do it!!

This loss of the sense of sin,argued on the natural law and affirming our societies’ historial Judeo/Christian way of life or culure has it’s pay pack time.The sins of our society ,even spanning twenty years has taken away our freedom,as vices have consequences.Gairdner in his book The Trouble With Canada --Still ,highlights sanctioning abortion on demand,sexual promiscuity,rampant divorce and gay marriage, as some issues that contribute our loss of freedom(not only in Canada ;but also in the Western World generally-the USA being the ring leader–just follow the money trail!)

Since this is a Catholic website I do not need to argue just on the basis of natural moral law.Christ and His Teachings, as revealed in the Scriptures and in The Teaching Catholic Church,gives me a true yard stick to judge; if our freedoms have been erroded by societies’ choice of adopting a moral secula relativism.

:thumbsup: this clear youtube video is excellect!!

A person was passing through customs with a nicely wrapped Bible that they were taking as a present.The custom person said–"is there anything breakable in that parcel of yours?----“Oh no”,the person replied,“just the section dealing with The Ten Commandments”!!:smiley:
So if our society is breaking The Ten Commandments in a big way for the last twenty years;then our freedoms also has been shattered accordingly.

Christ said “The Truth will set you free”,so if we as a society are following a Christ culture, then we are truely free.But if it is following sin and every vice under the sun, then our culure is one of enslavement.Pope John Paul talked often about the Culure of Death–that is our present culture-hence the economic turmoil,violence etc.

Evangelization of individual persons within our enslaved society ,by peaching the “Good News” of Christ,throught the power of The Holy Spirit, will be the only means to reverse our world ,sunk in vice.

I just discovered that I have this site bookmarked on my computer:

[quote=The Reginator]Are we less free today than we were 20 years ago?


I guess it depends where you live? Twenty years ago I could not carry a concealed firearm legally; today I can.

With the Internet we have more access to news sources than being fed from just a few networks.

However government does have a lot more regulations now.

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