Are we living in a Post-Christian America?

The Percentage of Christian who identify as Post-Christian is on the rise and American cities are leading the way.

The percentage of Americans who are categorized as “post-Christian” has increased from 37 percent in 2013 to 44 percent in 2015, with the highest percentages residing in urban areas of the northeast and Pacific Northwest, according to a Barna Group study published this month.

“Across the United States, cities in every state are becoming more post-Christian — some at a faster rate than others,” the study reveals.


Iraq is post Christian. How is that working out?

Europe has been post Christian for decades. Lots of beautiful church buildings with very little life inside.

Some might say that America has been post-christian for decades too. Lots of people in churches but very little Christian life outside. I read that 40% of Americans claim to go to church, but only 16% actually do!

Ummm, I don’t believe Iraq has ever been Christian, much less post-Christian.

I think that a few far, far wackadoodles have caused the major problems with people being afraid of Christianity. Pat Robertson and Rick Santorum are two of the major culprits. Super Storm Sandy and Katrina were not God’s retribution for LGBTQ people being accepted into society as Robertson advocated, and the 1 term Senator from Pennsylvania who wants to make all artificial birth control illegal for all citizens, Catholic or not, are just two reasons that American’s are uneasy about living in a “Christian” nation. They are scared to death to be caught up in a theocracy type of government. Just my two cents…:wink:

Depends where in Europe, I guess. I know that small town Italy is still pretty darned Catholic. :slight_smile:

Well, you can blame Santorum and Robertson if you wish, but if one reads scripture, and believes it, one must ask how depraved does this nation have to become before chastisement arrives. If in fact it has not already begun. Any Christian who dares to stand fast and proclaim the Truth will be subjected to ridicule, whether politicians, preachers or average citizens. America has been retreating from Christianity for decades. Another fruit coming out of the upheaval of the 60’s, which started during the Renaissance.
And as an aside, why would one be afraid of living in a country where God and Jesus were first? Is that not what we hope to attain in Heaven?

My concern is whose God and whose Jesus. If Pat Robertson - or Franklin Graham - is the State definer of God, then I would quickly run for the hills.

On the other hand, Jimmy Carter? All right then.

I think there have always been those who hold only nominal allegiance to Christianity. The difference now is pervasive secularization, strong anti-Gospel voices, and the hollowing out of faith. I also think the higher percentage of atheists and such in Western countries, while a complex phenomenon, is tied to the fact that the West is rich. We feel ourselves self-sufficient, and do not realize a need for God. The widespread “Christianity” of the prosperity gospel is little more than spiritualized materialism. Labels don’t mean a whole lot; it’s deeds that count. I think present indifference to the Gospel represents a great challenge, but not one that is insurmountable. Ultimately we should pray, evangelize, and trust in God. Despair leads nowhere.

What about the time before Islam? Ditto Syria and North Africa.

How regularly for the 40% and how regularly for the 16%? I would think that people at least claiming to go to church means that it is still viewed as important.

There have always been practicing Christians in that part of the world, of course. But as far as being culturally dominant? I don’t believe that has ever been the case.

That’s where we in the US have been for over a decade. Our depraved culture screams it.

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