Are we obligated to bring up Sunday obligation to parents?


Greetings friend in Christ,

Parents are Roman Catholic and do not attend mass on Sundays, is it the Church’s teaching as an obligation to talk to them about this, or a sin if I do not?

Mainly my Dad, have talked to my Mom a bit about this.

Any answers are definately appreciated.

Thanks and may the Lord bless you.


Howdy Zeek,

Keeping the Lord’s Day holy is one of the Ten Commandments. Since the Lord gives us existence at every moment—plus all the other goods of life and especially the gift of Himself on the cross, we owe Him big time. He has a right to our gratitude and our obedience. I wouldn’t put the matter of talking to your father about this in terms of sin. But I would think that your love for him would motivate you to speak to him about the most important things in life. Go slow. Take him where he is and gently introduce him to what life is all about—if that is possible. You know him better than I. Just don’t sell him short. He may be far more capable of all this than you may think. You are in my prayers.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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