Are we receiving the body and blood?


The Pastor at our parish has been saying at the institution “He took the wine” and at the consecration “Take this all of you and drink it, this is my blood”. This is driving me to distraction. I can’t concentrate during the Mass wondering if he is going to say it like that again and when he does it just throws me off. Are we receiving Jesus? I want to go to another parish because there are many other illicit things done here but I take my mom to church and she does not want to leave.


“This is my blood” are the words of consecration for the wine. What about it is distracting you?


I guess Hamm isn’t hearing the “chalice” part. Is that correct?

Although you’re probably correct that it is a valid consecration, disobeying the rubrics of the GIRM could make it illicit.

Hamm, if you are able to properly document the alleged abuses, talk to the pastor about your concerns. If he doesn’t address them to your satisfaction, write your bishop (making sure to cite the appropriate instructions and quote him accurately).


Oh, that’s true. “This is my blood” affects the consecration, so the omission of the mention of the chalice, while illicit, does not render the Mass invalid.


I guess my concern is that if you look at any Eucharistic prayers past or present that I can find, it has never been done this way. I thought that the words of Consecration were not to be left to individual choice. If it is a valid Consecration I guess my mind is at ease but every Eucharistic prayer now in use is supposed to be "This is the chalice of my blood"


They’re not left up to individual choice. The priest is obligated to say them in the manner the Church has prescribed and it is a liturgical abuse for him to intentionally say it in any other way.

That said, the words that matter most are the words “This is my body” and “This is my blood.” These are the words that consecrate the bread and wine, respectively. As long as they are spoken, the Mass is valid.


Even **those **words are not required to be spoken as long as all the requirements are met for a valid eucharist.


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