Are we required to pray for others?

Title really says it all. Are we required to pray for others when asked?

I wouldn’t necessarily say required, but rather obligated. It is an huge aspect of Christian life. If one doesn’t pray for others, and only himself, or not at all, it seems rather selfish, and would probably lead to sin.

So, required, maybe not, but we definitely should.

What else can we pray for?

thought provoking to consider in most all of history people prayed to God to be blessed with children and protection from evil. to Thank God for all the abundant blessing and gifts that God had and has given.

Are we required to love others? Yes. Possibly one of the best ways of loving a person is to intercede for him before God, so while we may not be formally required to pray for others, in practice it can hardly be dispensed with.

“Love your neighbor as yourself”…“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”

If you asked someone to pray for you…how would you hope they respond?

Answer this question and you have your answer. Pretty simple. :thumbsup:


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