Are we required to say a daily Rosary?

Did Mary say and/or mean we are required to say a Daily Rosary?

Nope. Otherwise, it would mean the likes of Jack Chic were right about us.

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If you are invested in the Brown Scapular you should be either reciting the Little Office or, with permission of a priest, praying the Rosary or equivalent prayers instead.

If you are not invested in the Brown Scapular, then you do not have to do these things–but you should promptly seek to be so invested. :slight_smile:

Okay, so this is a bit off-topic, but I have a question.

I was invested in the Brown Scapular about a year ago and have been wearing it faithfully since then, but I haven’t been saying the Little Office or saying a daily Rosary. (I think I may have been faintly aware at one time that I should have been doing this, but I hadn’t thought about it in months.) Nor do I recall making any promises to do these things when I was invested.

I know that even if I had, those promises wouldn’t have been binding under penalty of sin, but since evidently I haven’t been doing this correctly, do I need to be reinvested? Or can I just start saying the Little Office and continue wearing the scapular?

Promising to do the prayers isn’t part of the investiture, so don’t worry.

I know that even if I had, those promises wouldn’t have been binding under penalty of sin,

Correct–there is no sin involved. The Brown Scapular devotion is something extra we do out of love for the Lord.

but since evidently I haven’t been doing this correctly, do I need to be reinvested?


Or can I just start saying the Little Office and continue wearing the scapular?

Yes :slight_smile:

All you have to do is start the prayer requirements(Rosary or Little Office) and throw a brown scapular on.
However, you should remind yourself in prayer of what you pledged/prayed at investiture at some point but it is not required.

No Catholic is obliged to say the Rosary even once. A Catholic can go through his entire life’s journey without ever once reciting the Rosary–as did all of those millions upon millions of Catholics who lived and died long before the Rosary was ever heard of–and be guilty of absolutely nothing.

No Catholic is expected to be invested in the habit of Carmel, either, unless he or she joins the Carmelite order. That is what the “brown scapular” is, incidentally: a diminutive form of the habit of the Carmelites. Some Catholics choose to observe this wholly optional, and by no means universal custom, many more do not. One is not less Catholic for not wearing it. One is not even less Catholic for not believing in the devotion.

Rosaries, medals, scapulars, chaplets, sodalities…all such things are optional private devotions that Catholics may take or leave at their option and that have nothing to do with the essence of what makes one a Catholic. Some people seem to think that such things constitute the Catholic religion, but they most certainly do not.

Dear Friends,

As an Eastern Catholic, I agree there is great latitude in terms of the devotions we undertake.

We should have our main focus on the Mass/Divine Liturgy and reception of the Sacraments to be followed by the Divine Office, the prayer of the Church with the psalms.

However, without making a burden of it, a well-prayed daily Rosary, with scriptural verses or else “word tags” in the Hail Mary’s to help focus on the meditation of the Mysteries is something that can be recommended to any Catholic, Orthodox or Protestant (i.e. Methodist minister Neville Ward’s book on the Rosary).

It is a great, tried and true devotion which celebrates the Incarnation of OLGS Jesus Christ through veneration of His Most Holy Mother - from whom God took the same Flesh and Blood that we consume in Holy Communion, that preached the Gospel, died on the Cross, rose and ascended to Heaven, and will return for the Final Judgement.

It is a devotion that brings us so very close to her Son. And let’s remember that when the early Church wished to solidify the orthodox manner of confessing the theology of the Incarnate Son of God - it chose to do this by the word, “THEOTOKOS” referring to His Mother as the “bearer of God.” That word, referring to Mary, was always the touchstone of Christological orthodoxy. We begin with her and go with her to her Son “Blessed art Thou among women and blessed is the Fruit of Thy Womb!”

I agree that we can get too hung up on rules etc. John Cassian wrote about the lives of the holy monks of the Egyptian Thebaid and said that they went beyond their prescribed rules of prayer and prayed always and everywhere - that it is a higher thing to pray much voluntarily rather than because of the burden of a monastic rule that is imposed.

Let’s offer up a daily, meditated Rosary without reference to any rules but just because we want to . . . and God and our Lady will help and protect us - also, just because They want to! :thumbsup:


I don’t think anyone specifically addressed what you asked:

Your subject line question is: Are we required to say a daily Rosary?
Short answer is technically no according to the precepts of the Church.

Your post question is: Did Mary say and/or mean we are required to say a Daily Rosary?

The answer to this is yes. At Fatima Our Lady told us to pray the rosary every day and Sister Lucia explained the necessity of it in our times. All of the great Saints and Popes speak about the necessity of saying the rosary. God has empowered the rosary to be able to help us navigate the fog of confusion and error prevalent in our times. Google: Fatima Pray the Rosary Every Day if you would like the quotes from Our Lady.

But wasn’t this direction of Our Lady only to the children of Fatima and not to the whole world? :shrug:

It is a strange thing to say that the Church does not require Christians to pray the Rosary every day, but that Mary does.

Is there a conflict between the Mother of God and the Church?

The correct thing to say is that the children at Fatima claim that the Virgin appeared to them and asked them to pray the Rosary every day. The Virgin did not indisputably appear to the Catholic public, at large, and command us all to pray the Rosary. Nor is it within her purvue to do such a thing.

It is the Church’s Christ-given role, not Mary’s, to govern the Christian Faithful.

Public revelation ended with the passing of the last Apostle. Private revelation continues but it is not binding on everyone.

Mary has requested that we say the Rosary but Her Son is not going to hold our failure to do so against us.

for the record no Catholic is required to own, carry or pray the rosary, to own, wear or perform the devotions associated with a scapular of brown or any other color, ditto for miraculous medal, statues or any other sacramental or private devotion. We are required to obey the commandments and precepts of the Church, to live in conformity with the beatitudes and perform the works of mercy, to assist at Mass and have frequent recourse to the sacraments, to pray daily and to read and meditate with scripture often if not daily.

I don’t see Mary requiring or mandating anything of us. According to Scripture, other than the Wedding at Cana she never even told Jesus he had to do something. Though if she did, I wonder if she use the cunning (guilt trip) of a good Jewish mother.

I’m trying to be funny folks!

…if she did, I wonder if she use the cunning (guilt trip) of a good Jewish mother.

From the Jewish Guilt translation of the New Testament:

“Of course, I notice they have no more wine, but what business is it of mine to tell you? I’m only your mother.”

No, Sr. Lucia elaborates on the necessity of the rosary and the Blessed Virgin’s message was meant for the whole world as is obvious by the manifestation of the biggest public miracle since Biblical times. Don’t forget that part of that message was that GOD wanted to establish devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in the world to combat against the foes of our day.

I think you put the pedal to the metal. The Blessed Virgin requested it. True it’s not “required” but Her request is enough that any loving child would want to comply.

She never required us to do that. She asked (borderline begged) us to, saying that it would be very beneficial.

That’s like a priest saying “Go to confession every week because it’s how God will make Himself present in your life”. He’s not saying you must go to confession every week, he’s simply asking you to, stating how beneficial it would be.

Also, she was speaking to the entire Catholic faithful when she asked us to pray the Rosary, and the Church has long done the same (ask, borderline beg) the faithful to pray the Rosary as well.

I know Fatima is known throughout for the big Miracle of the Sun and all but the Church still considers it a private revelation. Hence, I’m not obliged to believe it as much as I am to believe the teachings of the Church itself. Heck I could probably disregard the whole thing and still be Catholic.

Look, praying the Rosary is nice but it will always be an extra that can be forgone without any risk to one’s eternal salvation. Besides, I’m not even sure its wise to be eager about it since fundamentalists these days are so quick to charge us with Mary worship.

Lost Wanderer, your sobriquet is apt. Tragic.

Friends, what you see quoted above is part of the poisonous fruit of Vatican II. Don’t pay any attention to such filth.

Instead, listen to this, The Most Holy Rosary: A Necessary Devotion:–The-Most-Holy-Rosary-A-Necessary-Devotion.html

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