.Are We Sure About All Those Mail-in Ballots? (Primary ballot problems)

At Newsweek , where I serve as opinion editor, we held a “debate of the week” on this issue in June. J. Christian Adams and Hans von Spakovsky persuasively, and quite presciently, argued that this unprecedented exercise in national mass mail-in voting entails numerous systemic risks: lack of basic administrative infrastructure and personnel competency, inaccurate voter rolls, multiple registrations, decedent registrations, ballot harvesting, and venal postal service employees, to name just a few.

These sundry problems very much include, but are hardly limited to, the numerous states where ballots were mass-mailed to everyone on the voter rolls. And these conceptual problems don’t even get into specific state-by-state legal requirements, such as signature verification, copies of voters’ photo identification, and postmark date deadlines. Every state is different; Pennsylvania, for instance, where the Trump campaign will focus much of its litigation, requires a sealed privacy envelope.

In fact, during primary season earlier this year, we know that a lot of mail-in ballots were thrown out for failing to meet various state law requirements. In New York City, during New York State’s June 23 primary, 21% of all mail-in ballots—totaling approximately 84,000 raw votes—[were invalidated](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/elections/one-five-mail-ballots-rejected-botched-nyc-primary-n1236143). Those 84,000 (non-)votes, if properly sprinkled across Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona, could have already come close to securing a second term for President Trump.

Other examples abound. In the Wisconsin primary, the rejection rate was [around 2%]which seems low until one considers that the raw total of rejected ballots was 23,169, greater than Trump’s current deficit in the Badger State. In Pennsylvania, election officials were fretting as recently as late September that the commonwealth might have to reject [as many as 100,000]) mail-in ballots.

The same website reports a miserly mail-in ballot rejection rate in Georgia of [0.2%] (also as of November 5), despite the fact that it had a rejection rate during primary season earlier this year of [roughly 1%](https://www.gpb.org/news/2020/08/22/more-550000-primary-absentee-ballots-rejected-in-2020-far-out -2016. Georgia, of course, is a state where Trump currently trails Biden by roughly 12,000 raw votes.

Are we completely sure that each and every mail-in ballot that has been cast for Biden has, in fact, been in legal compliance with the relevant rules and regulations of that specific voting jurisdiction?

So during the primary, they had major problems with ballots but not during the election,

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Or Trump…why are you questioning Biden votes only? The fact is, more disqualified mail in votes benefits Trump as the majority of mail in ballots were for Biden…in some places as high as 80%.

I think pushing these scenarios do more to just undermine our voting system than assure accurate vote tallies. Some states have systems in place to contact the voter to resolve problems. Some will just not get counted. That happens in every election.

Btw, I have no problem with having the states revalidate any problem ballots. What I don’t think is that it’s going to give Trump the election. It will, also, improve the next go around and hopefully restore faith in our system to those that are determined to distrust it.


These were not my words but words from the writer of the article. You are quoting him and not me and that is why his words are in quotes. Yes there were more mail in ballot for Biden so there are more questions about those ballots.

What are those systems? If someone mails in a ballot with no signature, how do you correct that and how do you verify that it is the valid signature. I have a lot of trouble with elderly poll workers who are checking ballots and saying the signature match…

They had a great deal of trouble during the primary as the article state. Many of these states are very close in counts.

Good to know but I do not think anything you or I will say will have any effect on Democrat controlled states which seem to be the majority of states which are being questioned?

Sorry, I was just commenting in general. The problem is that it is assuming only the Biden ballots are the problem.

Each state determines the rules for voting and how they validate problem ones. You’d have to look into the election rules for each state you are questioning. I just know that many, if not all, of them have a process in place for what they do about missing signatures, how many people have to verify a signature and what to do if it’s questionable.

For several states, this was their first time using mail in voting in large numbers. I think all states have had absentee ballots but it’s the numbers of them that’s a new experience. Some states will not count mail ins until the polls are closed. My state, Colorado, has had mail in voting for years. They are received, validated and counted as they come in and any problems are settled usually before voting at the polls takes place. We can even go to a website and track our ballot. The votes are then ready to be added in on Election Day. We have little to no problems due to having experience with it for years now.

I’m sure the numbers of problem ballots varies by state but they have a process to correct problems or to reject the ballot. The fact that some states are so slow doing it is due to inexperience…they want to get it right. We’re the ones being inpatient.

I’m sure Trump just wants to make sure he wasn’t cheated out of his presidency. Frankly, it looks like he hasn’t. He’ll get some recounts, they will change slightly and he will still have lost. But, at best, he’ll know he did what he could to verify his loss. I hope his supporters will feel the same.

They do not seem to be getting it right and it did take too long to get voter counts… They stopped all counting. I do not trust mail in ballots because I do not trust that they get the signature right. Does Colorado have a scaner system or are the signatures checked by poll workers?
I wait four years to vote and do not want my vote to be canceled by an illegal voter or dead person. M I doubt I will ever trust another election cycle.

Ok he gets Georgia and Penn back - he still loses

I don’t know. I never looked into it. I would recommend you look into the rules and system your state uses. It may ease your mind. You could even become active in your election process and be able to give input on improvements.

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You have had this system for a few years and have never questioned if your ballots are actually valid, that they are properly ID’d. I wait 4 ears to vote and want to make sure my vote and other are valid. I also live in a very Democratic region (NE) but the fight goes on to keep some level-headedness so we do not have mail-in ballots, yes this year but that will end.

Massachusetts also turned down rank voting by 10 percent which was a plus because /Maine has it.

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