Are we too critical of homosexuals?

Again, these numerous wives aren’t being hidden away. A Catholic with an 8th wife presenting himself for communion in a parish he regularly attends is in plain site.

What is the point you are trying to make? The point I was trying to make is is that 1. it may seem that homosexuals receive a disproportionate amount of criticism because it is easier to tell that they are leading a sinful lifestyle. But, heterosexuals who let it be known or even advertise their sinful lifestyles also get criticized.

Another point that others have made in this thread is that, unlike most other sexual sins, really Catholics/Christians are the only ones left critical of homosexuality in a society that outright celebrates it. Nobody celebrates divorce. At best, it’s considered a necessary evil. And, if someone has had more then two marriages, people really start to question what is wrong with you.


Norm Macdonald at WH Press Conference dinner: “I have an announcement to make for table 7. Table 7 wherever you are? We’re sorry your waitress has been gone for so long. Larry King just married her”

(camera to Larry King face beat red)

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They should be refused too.

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People do celebrate divorce. That’s why it’s all around us. The point is that other sins are obvious — at least as obvious as others.

What do you define as “celebrate”? Because, from what I see, divorce is as celebrated as much as abortion is.

Divorce is tolerated by a society that has lost faith that marriages can indeed last forever and puts the desire of adults ahead of children.

Here are some reasons why criticism of homosexual acts are justified.

1/ They hold parades for everyone to see that they are proud of their lifestyle.
2/ They promote the sinful act, encourage people to take that path and teach children that it’s normal.
3/ They are hostile to anybody or any religion that disagrees, calling them bigots, homophobes, etc.
4/ Most STIs and STDs are caught and spread by sodomites. Some STIs have increased by more than 3 times over the past decade due to the increased acceptance of gay sex.
5/ God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah because of their homosexual behaviours.
6/ The bible refers to homosexuality as an “abomination” and “detestable”


How many people do you know with 8 wives?

Don’t you just hate autocorrect sometimes?


There are rules to play the game. If don’t want to live by the rule then to quit the game and play your own. No sin is unforgivable except for blasphemy against the holy spirit (not believing in sins). Same goes for adulterers and homosexuals like the prodigal son who runs back to his father’s arm sorry for what he has done, God will forgive them if are sorry for their sins. Anyone can come back to the game if they are willing to play by the rules, there are infinite take backs but sincerity only last for a few.

That was the issue gay people had though. It was like everyone felt too uncomfortable knowing that someone they knew and loved was gay, and they would rather gay people not bring it up. That if they said they were gay, they are immediately assumed to be living a hedonistic lifestyle. The fact that people already get so worked up about the term ‘gay’ shows this, lol.

I agree with you that they should be able to be open or ‘closeted’ if they want to. The Catholic community probably needs to accept this instead of the whole ‘i don’t want/need to know about your sex life’ we keep seeing. As we know, sexuality is more than your V card status/body count.


I agree people should tend their own houses first, but I disagree with the idea that people freak out over the wrong sin. Look at Joe Biden (and others, iirc) being denied Communion for a very public support for abortion, which the Church teaches is wrong. The difference between homosexual relations and other mortally sinful acts is the very public nature of it. Unless someone shows up for Mass and announces that their sleeping with the person with them, who also isn’t their spouse, people won’t know the nature of his sins.

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I do believe that gay people take more than their share of criticism. I think it’s because most of us have never had to struggle with that, and it’s easier to vilify a sin you don’t have a chance of falling into.


For me personally and it has nothing to do with religion or faith.

I just think it’s wrong purely because if every human on this planet became homosexual.

Where would the next generation of human beings come from ?

We’d be all wiped out by 2120…

So it can’t be right…

Quick question to any Homosexual or Heterosexual could you please tell me where human life would come from ?

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Good point. It is easier to vilify something you won’t fall into.

At the same time, and I don’t know how to say this charitably, it seems a lot of the criticism and disgust comes from the very public attention being brought to the LGBT movement by its members. It seems like it’s become peoples’ only identities. Example, I’ve never heard at random:
“Hi, I’m Jim and I’m an alcoholic.”
“Hi, I’m Jim and I’m sleeping with someone who isn’t my wife.”
“Hi, I’m Jim and I like pornography.”

or any other number of vices.

Yet I’ve had that exact discussion with folks, meeting them for the first time and “Hi, I’m Jim and I’m gay.” Not an artist, architect, soldier, mechanic, teacher, etc. Just gay.

Then throw in the number of lawsuits we’ve seen against businesses who won’t support a same sex wedding, again done very publicly. No one that I’ve read of in the press has been sued for refusing to make a divorce cake, adult themed goods, or anything else the business owner finds offensive. But refuse to make a custom cake for a transition or gay wedding, and you’ll receive a beat-down from the same movement that preaches “tolerance.”

So while I try my hardest to be charitable and show compassion (yeah, I fail), I can see why some folks dish out loads of criticism.


You’re comparing their sexual orientation with actions (vices, to be specific). Being gay would simply mean an attraction, not what they like to ‘do’.

While I don’t think it’s something to mention immediately, I do have a couple of gay friends who say stuff like this to be open about it. If they talk or act in a certain way, people would usually say ‘he seems gay, is she a lesbian?’ (this does happen a lot, unfortunately). So they feel like it’s better to just address it. Also sometimes they will come across conversations that immediately assume they’re straight,or even homophobic comments so I imagine they would rather let people know upfront before forming any relationship with them.

I do think that there is a preoccupation with identity politics that make people immediately identify themselves with whatever category they fall into, but i think we tend to misunderstand where they’re coming from. Sexual orientation does influence a lot in our day to day lives. You’re constantly aware of it when you walk down the street and see everything straight around you. Just like how lgbt content seems to stick out for us.


You lost me at “homophobic”. If you want to be credible and want other people respect your arguments, stop using newspeak labels to discredit others and explain what you means exactly


Agreed…those living in sin should not receive…however, statistically, I would submit that there are far more hetro-sexuals (both in sheer numbers and per capita, that violating Church teaching than homosexuals.

I make it a point to pray for those in both categories), rather than looking away from the indiscretions of one group, and judging the other!

Blessings to all!

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Yet a good deal of research suggests those actions ( especially addictions) are largely genetically predisposed. Born that way, in other words. So the question is: at what point is something the way someone is vs an action?

[quote=“Lea101, post:37, topic:578437, full:true”]

While I don’t think it’s something to mention immediately, I do have a couple of gay friends who say stuff like this to be open about it. If they talk or act in a certain way, people would usually say ‘he seems gay, is she a lesbian?’ (this does happen a lot, unfortunately). So they feel like it’s better to just address it. [/quote]

That’s actually an interesting point there. Sounds like it refers back to the Church’s teaching on charity.

The part I bolded caught my eye. Why would it be wrong to assume someone is straight, given that 95-98% of the population is that way? It seems a bit prideful to me “how dare you assume I’m like the vast majority!? I want to be labelled differently!”

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