Are we under spiritual attack?

OK. I’ve got to ask about this and, in the event that this is what’s happening, ask for prayers for my household. First, a little background. My DH and I have been together for 15 yrs, married for almost 12. I was a Cafeteria Catholic until about 5 years ago when I reverted and Keith became Catholic 3 years ago when he was baptised. For a good many of these last 10 years, Keith has battled alcoholism. It began shorly after the birth of our eldest child (now 11). He’s tried and failed to quit many times but has finally reached that “breaking point” that I’ve been praying would come and agreed that he needs help. He attended his first AA meeting last night and we’re going to get some counseling because I have a lot of pain wrapped up inside of me that I’ve been trying to ignore for a good long time in the interest of keeping peace in our household.

Now, here’s the thing. We’ve been fighting and arguing for the last several days – pretty much since he decided he needed help. The arguments are fairly similar to others we’ve had and are symptoms of the things we need to talk about in counseling (poor communications, misunderstanding each other, etc.) but it’s been bad the last couple days. Then, on top of all the tension, we had 3 of our 5 children come down with stomach flu this morning (a 4th child is still recovering from his bout two days ago). In 11 years of parenting I have never had 3 children throwing up all at one time.

So, at the height of all this, late this morning, while I’m holding throw-up buckets for two children at once, he suddenly stops and says, “I know what’s happening.” He suddenly realized that he’s been wrong and that he’s been blinded by the devil into thinking that I’m against him. As soon as I had the sickies under control again we prayed together (this is something new to us the last couple days too) and blessed each other and the kids with oil that was blessed by St. Padre Pio and given to me by a priest a while ago. After all that, I have to admit, I felt tons better. I was feeling so bad yesterday and this morning – sad, angry, sorry for myself, excited and happy that he was taking steps but not completly trusting his word because of all the years of lost trust – I just felt like I was falling apart.

We’re fairly convinced that we are/were under some sort of spiritual attack. I know that Keith really wants to be close to God and the Church, but alcoholism and his subsequant imprisonment by the devil has held him back, blinding him in many ways. If he is sucessful in breaking the snares the devil has around him, the devil will lose him for sure.

Anyway, I just wanted to get some feedback and share what we’re going through. Being as this is a private and slightly difficult thing to talk about, I can’t share it with too many people in real life, kwim? Thanks all for being here.

God bless, Jen

From what you have written; you, your husband, and children are attempting a different path than that of the past. I believe one crucial part of this will be forgiveness. Consider: “The truth is that one cannot remain a prisoner of the past, for individuals and peoples need a sort of healing of memories so that past evils will not come back again. This does not mean forgetting past events; it means re-examining them with a new attitude and learning precisely from the experience of suffering that only love can build up, whereas hatred produces devastation and ruin. The deadly cycle of revenge must be replaced by the new found liberty of forgiveness.” John Paul II.

My prayer is that you know the love and guidance of God and will be able to also say, “When I cried out, You answered me; You strengthened my spirit.” (Psalm 138:3).

God Bless You and your family.

Be very careful for satan does not back off easily. Keep your guard up. Stay beside God and He will protect you.

May God hold all of you in the palm of His hand safe and at peace.

Remember that nothing infuriates the evil one more than when he realizes he’s losing one of “his” souls to Christ. He will furiously try to trip you up on your path, but know that God is in control. Be not afraid and frequent the sacraments OFTEN - confession and Eucharist. If possible, have your family attend adoration.

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God Bless and keep you!

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