Are wealthy countries in anyway responsible to lift poor countries out of poverty?


How can the gap be closed between the more wealthy countries and poor/third world countries?

I came across this article that states that many Indians are competing for very limited jobs and due to this situation they are " resorting" to working for scamming companies.
While everyone is responsible for their own sin,at the same time do wealthy countries bear some responsibility for not investing enough in infrastructure and industry/job creation in third world countries?

On the other hand,job prospects are also decreasing in first world countries such as Australia (where I live) due to Manufacturing jobs being sent off shore and there is talk that automation will decrease jobs even further,so how can businesses in first world countries help people in third world countries where they can’t often even help their own countries citizens by providing them with jobs…

So,is the real problem not first world vs third world but rather rich vs poor-ie:that the gap between the rich and the poor is too big/growing in all countries and that a way needs to be made to incentisize wealthy people to help poorer people more and grow industries?

I’m not suggesting that there are not some excellent,kind,wealthy people that contribute greatly towards charity etc,but realistically,they are also that have “worldly” values who focus on lavish living,continual holidays,trying to impress superficial pretty women with their cash :moneybag: etc…

There’s often too big a gap between the pay of CEOs/executives vs the “labourers” of that company.
For example,I read that the CEO of a charity Save the Children earns approx $255,000 US dollars a year-this to me seems criminal.
Are they trying to save the children or save their own lavish lifestyles?

What is your suggestion of a solution?


As great as charity is, it will never increase the wealth of a nation significantly. The only way to do this is if the poor country becomes more economically developed. Hence, trade is better than aid in the long term.


Yes it is, Of course it is.


I am not sure about this, although it is something I have thought about for some time now.

If you analyse this situation on a smaller scale, do you have a responsibility to your next-door neighbour if he is in need? My answer to this is yes.

Do you have a responsibility to your next-door neighbour if he is in need, and the cause of this need is because he spends all his “wealth” in vices and gambling or just bad decisions? This part I am not so sure anymore. Helping someone in this situation may be counterproductive, as you are just giving him more freedom to pursue his “vices”.

Since I have actually given this situation some thought, and have done some research, the conclusion I have reached is that ALL countries can live with what they have. Some may have more or less, but enough to support the population in most cases (I am not including times of severe drought and the like, just normal times).

I have also come to the conclusion, that most third world countries are in the situation they are in, because of the corruption of their public servants/government officials. The corruption in third world countries is really really bad….not just bordering on pure evil, they have signed up to a lifetime commitment in hell, I think, it is really bad.

So….what to do in this situation? If you help them…your help will be kept/taken by the corrupt, and no help will get to the people. You are just making the corrupt richer, and the poor, more miserable.

If you go in with a mega company that can hire thousands of people, you will be clobbered by the corrupt officials seeking their 1000% entitlement (or more) to your riches.

Do you go in guns blazing to take out the corrupt? You would be just putting yourself in the same basket as these evil people.

So no, I still do not have an answer to this question. All I can really do is lend a hand to those that the Lord sends me personally.

PS. When I was researching this topic, I prayed and prayed to the angry God of Sodom and Gomorra, to come and wipe out these evil people once and for all….and the Lord said no deal. Sigh.


This is what I said a couple days ago on a similar post:

I am not sure how to respond to this exactly, but I will try. Wages going down means employers should buy more labor. Ten percent unemployment means every ten years 7.4 billion peoples labor is thrown away. That is a lot of food for the hungry. The prices going up just provides the money to build the new factories to provide more goods. If they do not, and this may sound sick, but let he who has no sin cast the first stone, and revenge is a dish best served cold. For when people die seldom does the money go to someone who has more than the deceased. The wages of sin are death -The bible

I have also made a similar argument on this site that a large portion of the USA budget is for military, and if we were doing swords to plowshares, we could pay off the debt, do more foreign aid, and more education if not slightly less taxes. It seems I may have also said something about not complaining about what others do wrong, but what you would do differently if you were in their shoes.

I did study Economics a little in college, and so I do realize that just giving people at the bottom of the payscale more money by itself does not increase the supply of goods. It just causes inflation. Its not until the inflated price money is used to build new factories that the money is worth more. It is kind of a screwed up argument, but just having open markets by itself does not mean we make more money from them if the people want to be corrupt they will find a way. If you think that 3rd world countries labor being cheaper means wealthier countries are not paying to put the factory there with corporations to sell goods abroad I would ask you to reconsider.


The real solution is reducing the amount of money the people at the top take. Sadly, that will never happen.


Fair and ethical trading arrangements, where more powerful nations do not simply take whatever they want because they can at the lowest possible price they can get and with trading rules stacked in favour of the most powerful.


Wrong :joy::joy::joy: like hilariously wrong.


We as Americans lag way behind so many developed nations in health care and education as it currently stands . However, looking specifically at the Almighty Dollar we rank among the worlds wealthiest countries even though it is centered in the hands of a few. I believe it was Chesterton who said the “problem isn’t too much capitalism, it’s too few capitalists”…The days of the butcher, baker and candlestick maker have been taken over by mammoths and big box chain stores or online purchasing. To move persons to independence will begin with developing trade skills for life. How would a high tech model work in an area that is impoverished? It wouldn’t. The basics for skills such as agriculture will never cease because unless a nation can provide at the most fundamental levels of need such as sustenance it cannot grow. Also, it wouldn’t hurt for other governments of the world to prohibit capitalist vultures from pillaging the natural resources of a poverty stricken country. OOPS


Twenty thousand children die every day from grinding poverty, preventable disease and starvation. While the mega rich continue to buy their multi million dollar toys. I don’t find that hilarious.


We’re the leading nation for healthcare research and we spend more money on education than any other country

“Small business amounts to 99 percent of businesses in the United States”


And the fact that they’re buying those things has no impact on those children whatsoever.


Interesting question, especially if focusing on the “wealthy countries” part.

The U.S. is an immensely wealthy country, yet it does not even address the needs of its own poor, let along lift its poor from poverty.

Its the call of individuals, not “countries” to provide for the needs of the poor, and not necessarily “lift poor countries out of poverty”.

Christ told us, the poor will always be among us. But he also told us, what we do for them, we do for him.

So, what we do for the poor, is subjective at best, and something we have to answer for, individually.


Dollar for dollar those below the median income level will continue to shop at large chain stores due to cost savings which can contribute to the reason many small businesses remain very small…Your counter post does not deter from the fact wealth in this country is concentrated!~
Health care should not be evaluated on it’s research alone or it’s ability to do good, nor should we deny the greatest vaccinations and preventative “miracles” were from migrants…hahah…But it should be evaluated by how many people actually have the ability to access it.


About 44 million people in this country have no health insurance, and another 38 million have inadequate health insurance. This means that nearly one-third of Americans face each day without the security of knowing that, if and when they need it, medical care is available to them and their families.


You are right, the rich are squandering their money on multi million dollar toys and ignoring the starving. You win.


Because Christ knew that we will not address poverty.


TANF, Medicaid, CHIP, Food Stamps, SSI, EITC, Housing Assistance???

Also, I would say that there are wealthy people, however, last time I checked the US is $20T in debt.


That money they squander employs millions of people in the industries that manufacture their toys. You should read an economics book.


Wealth being concentrated is not a bad thing in and of itself. It doesn’t matter if some have more than the rest as long as most of the rest are still able to access basic goods. Which the vast majority in this country can.

And there is no one in this country who can’t go to a hospital when they need too. They just might not be able to afford it, and there will always be people who can’t afford something others can. That’s life.

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