Are/were your parents Catholic?


Another thread got me thinking about this…are/were your parents Catholic?

I’ll set up the poll for both Catholics and non-Catholics.



I like to say my parents were “cutural” Catholics. They were raised in the Catholic church, went to Mass on Sundays, called us heathens if, as teenagers, we opted to stay in bed rather than get up for 7:30 am Mass. Us kids were sent to CCD and to Catholic high schools and colleges, but God wasn’t spoken of, I wasn’t taught the Hail Mary (let alone the Hail Holy Queen, which my husband can recite in his sleep) and faith wasn’t really a topic of discussion.

But my dad and mom would never have considered being anything BUT Catholic. It was like, “what is your heritage? Hungarian, German and Catholic.”


Hi Liza :slight_smile:

I’m Catholic and both my parents are. Is there a follow-up question? :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we vote for more than one? The first one applies to me, but I’m a convert, too. :smiley:


I was raised Baptist, and am a convert, but both my parents were Catholic (dad was raised that way, mom converted for him and then both left the faith).


I’m a convert. Before I converted, the last time anybody was Catholic in my family was in 1560.


I am a cradle catholic, so was my dad. My mom converted around the time I was 3 or 4…


My dad was raised Pentacostal and mom was Baptist. They attended a Methodist Church when I was born and I was Baptised Methodist as an Infant. As they didn’t feel comfortable there they started attending a Baptist Church which I was raised and baptised again when I was “saved.”

I became Presbyterian around age 16 and my mother attended the Presbyterian Church with my wife and I when she moved to our town about 3 years ago. (I was Presbyterian for about 22 years)

We were both recieved into the Church this past Easter (WOOT! New Covert!) after years of study.

I choose neither were Catholic but hopefully my mother will start RCIA this fall and come into the Church next Easter as I have been working on her during my journey as well.

My wifes Parents were Baptist and her Grandfather is a Baptist Minister. Her parents are divorced and Father is now Presbyterian and her Mother attends a Bible Church. I doubt either of her parents would ever join the Church but I know her mother was impressed that she heard more of the Bible at the Easter Vigil than she had at her Bible Church in months :thumbsup:



My dad was raised Catholic, my mom Protestant but she converted before marrying my dad. My FH converted after proposing too :smiley:


I am a convert, and the first Catholic in my family - on either side - in at least 300 years. :thumbsup:


I didn’t know whether to put Convert first, or that neither of my parents are Catholic. :slight_smile:


I’m a cradle Catholic who reverted back to the Church 3 years ago. My parents are both Catholic; my dad serves as a reader, and mom an EMHC. I recently found out that my grandfather was once in seminary discerning the priesthood…but we know how that turned out!


**I am a convert and neither of my parents have ever been Catholic…

most of my family’s religious history is Ukrainian Orthodox


This is a multiple choice poll!! I’m sorry I didn’t say that in my OP, I thought the poll says that automatically near the choices. :frowning:

No follow up questions - I just thought it would be interesting to see how the numbers came out, but so far everyone’s situations are interesting enough!



Both parents born and raised Catholic. Sunday Catholics if I had to guess.

My dad stopped attending Mass when I was 9 or 10. I have 4 brothers. None of them practice. Says alot about a father’s influence, huh?


My Mom is Catholic and my Dad is Protestant.
My brother and I were baptized in the Presbyterian church.
I am currently going through RCIA to finally become the Catholic I was meant to be. My poor mother has regrets about not baptizing my brother and I in the Catholic Church, but we were raised to appreciate both Catholic and Protestant faiths. :slight_smile:


My parents are Catholics, but don’t go to church…
they are moral and all, but don’t live a sacramental life so I don’t really consider them catholics… but I do pray :slight_smile:


My mother was a life-long Catholic; my dad was raised as a Baptist but stopped attending their services long before he and my mother were married. He was, however, very insistent on my attending Mass (he never let me sleep-in on Sundays - God bless him! :slight_smile: ). For many years my mother did not know how to drive and so my dad would faithfully drive us to church and wait across the street for us at the local tavern. :smiley:

God rest their dear souls!


I’m Catholic as were both my parents. Ours was a home with prayers before bed, rosary every time we went for a drive, crucifixes in every room but the bathroom, St. Maria Goretti in my room, St. Anthony on the landing, St. Gerard de Majella in Mom & Dad’s room, Blessed Mother in the living room, Pope Pius XII then Pope John XXIII in the dining room. Mass every Sunday and daily during Advent and Lent (at least while we were still at the village school).

I had had enough holy pictures to last me a lifetime so in own home for the first 27 years of our marriage I had NOTHING on the walls but one crucifix. Only recently did I start putting up a few paintings. I still don’t want faces on my walls.


My mom was Catholic…boy did she drop the ball with us, though.:frowning:

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