Are you a convert?

OK, so it doesn’t matter what you have converted from and to, etc, but if at some point you have made major changes to your faith, vote Yes in the Poll and write in the topic (if you like) what you’ve gone from and to. (In general, try to keep this to really major changes, so TEC > ACNA or ELCA > LCMS might not quite count, but if you think it required a major reconfiguration of your beliefs, please do).

For me it was Atheism > Christianity (Anglicanism).
I was an atheist for a long time, then I sort of stopped thinking about it. Then I spent about three years studying and pondering Christianity before I finally got formally initiated.

Faith is a big issue. I came from Protestantism. I won’t go into the several church changes I went through, butit was varied. For most of my life I never really looked at Catholicism as acceptable. The attitude was (and still is) that Catholics were wrong about everything. But God started working on me. In 1988 he started to show his hand. I found some stuff about what Catholics really believed, and I was shocked. Not that it was a big deal at first. Anyway, I entered the Church in 1997 (see, I proved to be a difficult child). Life has had it’s ups and downs since, but that has to be accept as part of life. I’m hanging in there, and trying to trust in God for what He has planned forme.

I converted after being Wiccan for many, many years. Best change I’ve ever made in my life. :slight_smile:

Freemasonry > Catholicism

mainline protestant > atheism (ish) > CATHOLICISM! yaaay!

Baptist > Heathen > Roman Catholic.

I grew up independent fundamental baptist. You know, the kind that teaches that Catholics are probably going to hell. :wink:

About a year ago I began to realize that Baptist doctrine was deficient when it came to baptism. Nowhere does the Bible teach that baptism is a symbol. And there are lots of places where it makes it clear that baptism actually communicates grace to you.

So I changed my views on baptism to a more sacramental view. The doctrine of the Real Presence of the Eucharist followed shortly thereafter. I am currently attending an LCMS church, but I haven’t been confirmed.

Changing my views on the sacraments led to further questions that I hadn’t anticipated. Now I’m wondering if I should be Catholic or Orthodox. It’s no fun not having a spiritual home. :frowning:

What I recommend in these situations is, Get to know the Church you are in thoroughly first. Know its doctrines inside out. If you are forever switching about, you will never have a home because the next thing is just another step along the road. Once you fully know the Church you attend, its doctrines and practises, and if you are still not happy, then maybe investigate other Churches. Don’t keep hopping around from one place to another, or you’ll fall into the trap of making up your own God to suit your prejudices, rather than getting to know the One God who made you.

I started out as a Methodist. Then I became a Catholic. I have also, at various times, been Lutheran and Unitarian, and last week I attended an Episcopalian church.

Well, my prejudice would be to not leave Protestantism. That’s the last thing I want to do. All my friends and family are pretty fiercely Protestant.

However, it’s hard to ignore church history. It certainly appears that the church founded by Jesus Christ is probably either the Catholic Church or the Orthodox Church. I don’t particularly like what either of them teach. But if that is the Truth, then I have to swallow my pride and go where the Truth is.

That said, I understand what you mean when you say to get to know the church that you’re in. I don’t want to bounce around all the time either.

Now, who you are? Catholic or Protestant?

I went from on fire non-denominational Christian.
To agnostic about Christianity but believer in God (I wasn’t sure I even believed in Jesus).
To Catholic!

I am not allowed to vote. Don’t know why. :mad:

I am converted from Atheism --> Catholicism

I have grown up in Budhism background.

My family is more or less Presbyterian, but I grew up agnostic. Through a job I had years ago met someone who knew an Orthodox saint that was visiting. Met the saint, was enormously impressed by his demeanor, simplicity, and piety. Converted to and was baptised Greek Orthodox, though my Father Confessor gave me an immense amount of leeway and said I could go to an Orthodox or Catholic church as I wished. I’ve done quite a bit of reading and studying and my favorite saints have always been the Roman Catholic ones, particularly Padre Pio. Later converted to full Roman Catholic, though I still have a great love of the Orthodox Church. For what it’s worth I still prefer the Orthodox liturgy.

Technically revert

Baptized Catholic as a baby, started catechism in 1st grade. That was derailed due to catastrophic medical condition.

Became Mormon at 15. VERY devout temple attending Mormon.

Left Mormonism at age 27ish and became agnostic from that point on until started exploring Catholicism at age 41.

Came into full communion with the Church at age 42

I am not here to prod you one way or the other. But certain methodologies are likely to lead you to the terminus you find yourself going towards. As I say, fully investigate whatever church tradition it is you are presently in, find its reasons and justifications for itself first, and then, and only then, if you are not happy, consider your options.

Presbyterian -> atheistic leaning agnostic -> Catholic

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