Are you a cradle catholic, convert, or revert?


Are you a cradle catholic, convert, or revert? (You can also participate, non-Catholics, if you would like. Don’t be shy.)

I thought this might make for an interesting question. Probably I have missed a category, or yours does not fit into one of these three boxes.


convert since 2014



There are lots of other options for those who do not consider themselves Catholic.



(Tantum ergo)


I’m simply a Catholic, and all Catholics are converts…because conversion is to turn away from evil and toward God, so we are all continually coverting.

Ive always thought one is either Catholic or they are not. Those coming from other faith traditions are simply in full communion with the Church, no more and no less Catholic than lifelong Catholics…and once a Catholic, always a Catholic, so while some may fall away, when they return they are not reverting, they simply getting back into the practices expected of a member of the Church


Convert since 2005.


Convert since 2004, praise God!


Cradle Catholic, but not practicing until November 2017.


All of the above.

I was born & baptized Catholic. My mom is Catholic, my dad a pagan. His mother was Baptist with a capital Southern. I went to Church with my mom on most Sundays. I went to church with my grandma on others. I went to Summer Bible school at my Grandma’s church.

I wasn’t confirmed until my early 20s. I pretty much lived as a pagan until then. It wasn’t until the birth of my first daughter that I started questioning the true nature of love.

I was married by the state at 19. My wife & I were remarried in the Church when I was 22. I got confirmed then. At the ceremony we each had a candle & used it to light a third, then snuffed out our own candles. That had a profound effect on me.

I decided to get serious about my faith & started studying religions, but mostly denominations. It seemed, at the time that if I closed my eyes & asked God a question I could open the bible & read His answer.

I learned vain, repetitious prayer was no good. I learned to be wary of men dressed in robes. I learned that the church Christ built is not a physical building of stone.

I was preparing myself, after several weeks, to convert & save my wife & her mother.

Then I learned that Christ’s body is true food, & His blood is true drink. I learned that Jesus gave me His mother from the cross. I learned that the emphasis should be on vain & not repetitious in regard to prayer. & I learned I should be wary of men in fancy dress to gain attention for themselves.

I also learned that we are called to be perfect as our Heavenly Father is perfect & no other denomination, that I know of can show me the way, to be perfect as the Catholic Church is all about that way as it is all about the body & blood of Our Lord, Jesus Christ.


Convert, formally entered in 2016.


Cradle, going on 57 years.


Revert after 10 years away.




This is nothing that Metamucil can’t remedy, Cruciferi. I hope you feel better soon. :blush:


I’ve been Catholic since 2002.


Convert here!


Convert. I was baptised in 1998.


I am not now nor ever have been a Catholic, but may well become one, if it seems right that I should.


Cradle Catholic. I would label myself a ‘soft revert’, because I hung out with some Protestant groups in college, most notably Campus Crusade for Christ, and absorbed some Protestant ideas, but continued attending Mass. My ‘reversion’ experience, if you want to call it that, happened in 1997, when I started getting fairly deep into Catholic apologetics.


Cradle (Christened at 15 days old), to my early-teens. I was an Altar boy, went to Catholic grammar school and high school. Around my 14th year I transferred to a public high school, and pretty much stopped going to church. Looking back at my childhood, I was only going through the motions of being a Catholic.

I pretty much lived the next 40 something years as a pagan. I made a brief attempt at returning to Catholicism around the year 2000 when I was married in the Catholic church in a private service at my local parish, but I soon fell away again considering myself agnostic. Then about 10 years ago a stab at Protestantism, specifically Pentecostal, but that was very short lived.

Just this past year I felt something tugging at me, to return to the Catholic church, to swallow my pride and make a huge confession, and relieve myself of this literal mountain of sin (and guilt) which I amassed since my childhood. I pretty much bolted from the house one morning and showed up at the office of the parish and asked if I could talk to a priest. I made a general confession the next day. Face to face, no less, which the idea of terrified me, yet I am glad I did it this way. It’s taken months of subsequent confessions to run the well dry, so to speak, but it has been with the same priest, who is very understanding, and is helping me overcome some issues I have with scrupulosity. So here I am. Very glad to be back. Cradle to Convert to Revert. God is patient.

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