Are you a cradle catholic, convert, or revert?


Cradle. Even as some family members have fallen away over the years, Protestantism has never had any appeal to me.


Convert since 1989. But I knew, as far back as I can remember, that this was where I belonged.


Cradle and self-taught. As a child of the 80’s and 90’s, my religious education was lacking. I got deeper into my faith through music. There is still so much left to learn . . .


I’m converting from Baptist-ish to Catholic. Finally.


Like me, Angel 12. I was a candidate and joined two years ago, but it seemed as though I was making my way here for 20 years or so. Just took me a while!


Awesome! Isn’t it wonderful to finally be here? :grin:


I left the faith around 1986.


Take a guess :smiley:


Cradle with many fond childhood experiences. My lone exposure as an adult are a few visits to the cathedral, a monastic weekend at a Trappistine monastery, and a second visit to that venue.


Revert I guess. I wasnt practicing for about 20 years and only returned in 2012 when my mother was sick.


I was a born and brought up Methodist. I converted to the Catholic faith in 1992. Never looked back!


I want to convert to the Catholic faith. The only thing holding me back now is that I need to remain in one physical location for about a year I guess. I move way too often and do not have my own home. My husband and I always have to rent from someone else…I’m not living in my own country either. It is kind of frustrating for me in general, but I am making that sacrifice to be with my husband. He was a cradle Catholic, altar boy, and Catholic most of his life. However, he is now an anti-Catholic Evangelical. He does not support my wanting to become Catholic, so that will be a challenge. If we stay in the neighborhood we’re in, then I will start RCIA in February at the parish here. I already spoke to the priest. He also warned me that this would be very difficult for my marriage, and I replied that it is difficult to be a Christian. He also recommended that I pray a lot to the Virgin Mary and that he will be praying for me.


Convert. Swam the Tiber in ‘07.


Cradle Catholic - 57 years
Practicing Catholic - 35 years
Good Catholic - well, its been 30 hrs since my last confession…



Have you ever thought you might come back?

I’m a cradle catholic of almost 50 years (oh, that’s sounds funny…almost half a hundred :no_mouth: )


No, but thanks for asking.


CRADLE. It’s in my DNA!


Definitely cradle, and I passed the half-century mark decades ago…



Would your husband be willing to go to RCIA with you? If he is so against your conversion, perhaps he would want to know what they are going to tell you? May God bless you on your journey. Prayers for you.

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