Are you a cradle catholic, convert, or revert?


Convert since 1998


Well I’m glad that you Are here :slight_smile:


Cradle. Daughter of cradle. Grandchild of cradle. Great grand child of cradle. Cradle of cradle.
Sounds like a cradle factory…:slightly_smiling_face:


Anglo-Catholic, baptized Methodist and raised Episcopalian. Thinking hard about ditching the “Anglo.”


I am a Catholic revert. Raised Catholic, left out of confusion, wandered around alot, but praise God, He led me home about 10 years ago.


Cradle Catholic. And kind of envious of converts as they seem generally more on fire for the Faith. My Dad was a convert. …But then I thought…Saint Joan of Arc was a cradle Catholic. …I am in good company.


That seems like a better way to do it. They make such a nine-month-long big meal out of it here (in the US). I think understated sounds better for many.


I would say I’m 50% convert and 50% rebel protestant, which tips the scale toward Catholicism. :slight_smile:


Well that is honest! :slightly_smiling_face:


Cradle catholic.

I’ve always observed the precepts of the Church, but I’ve really started to take my faith more seriously about 3 - 4 years ago. Can’t remember exactly when.


Been in the cradle all of my life and haven’t ever fallen out. :wink:


Cradle. Went astray. Reverted 2017.


None of the above.


I am a cradle Catholic.


Revert after being away for 27 years


Convert of 2017


Hoping to join the Catholic Church this year. In the process of an annulment right now. I have never been baptized or belonged to any faith previously.


Peace be with you @PeaceBeWithYou!


Thank you my friend. It’s hard to wait to receive the Sacraments! I know it’s important to be patient however and let God’s plan for me unfold.


I good friend of mine came into the church about 10 years ago and like you had to wait for annulment before she could receive the Eucharist. She was eligible to receive a couple months before that Easter and still chose to wait till the Easter Vigil. It was a tearful ocasion for many.


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