Are you a cradle catholic, convert, or revert?


Cradle Catholic, always been practising by the grace of God.


Came back several years ago, but may leave again…still too angry at God for a host of reasons…


By allowing yourself to remain angry, you are listening to Satan not Jesus. Jesus says to forgive seven times seventy. That is, without ceasing.


Have you pondered with the Western Rite Orthodox or Roman Catholic Ordinariates?


Have pondered, am currently pondering. I still have a bunch of reading and discussing to do on a number of contested issues before making that decision, plus considerations for maintaining domestic tranquility with my wife, who grew up Presbyterian and is no great fan of Catholicism.


I’m presently mired in a similar matter; engaging in a number of discussions about a few lingering (re: troubling) queries pertaining to authority and doctrinal development East v. West.

And yes, you cannot underestimate domestic tranquility!


I’m a cradle catholic, although with different forms of observance through different stages of my life.


I disagree.


A convert, joining the church this year.


Both :joy: for me at least.

I was Baptised as an infant at around three weeks old, I spent twenty + years searching for the faith I never lost, perhaps just denied and ignored it, while I ran after questionable beliefs and dibeliefs thinking I was a “Spiritual but not religious” individual new age quais eastern philosophical leaning something or other.

As my mum reminded me when I was feeling offended by the comments of a former freind, that Implied that I was chasing a new “flash in the pan” whim of being a Christian, I was a Catholic before anything and I am
owed so grateful and fortunate to have been made so at her decision.
Way to go mum! slightly_smiling_face:

Praise be to Jesus and Mary forever.


Just call me Catholic :vatican_city:


Welcome home!


Catholic convert from “secular Buddhism”. Lutheran father, non baptized mother, who’s father came from a mixed Presbyterian/Catholic family, and a Baptist mother. Thanks for asking!

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