Are you a crunchy con?

I don’t know if this has been discussed in other forums, but I thought I’d bring it here…

Has anyone read the book Crunchy Cons by Rod Dreher? My friend recommended it to me and thus far, I’m enjoying it a lot. There’s a lot of wisdom in it :). Anyway, just wanted to hear opinions. My parents are definitely considered crunchy cons. :smiley:

It is a great book. I highly recommend it!

Okay, I finally had to look up what “Crunchy Con” means. This is from the Publishers Weekly review of his book:

What do you call people who vote for Bush but shop at Whole Foods? Crunchy cons. And according to Dreher, an editor at the Dallas Morning News, they’re forming a thriving counterculture within the contemporary conservative movement. United by a “cultural sensibility, not an ideology,” crunchy conservatives, he says, have some habits and beliefs often identified with cultural liberals, like shopping at agriculture co-ops and rejecting suburban sprawl. Yet crunchy cons stand apart from both the Republican “Party of Greed” and the Democratic “Party of Lust,” he says, by focusing on living according to conservative values, what the author calls “sacramental” living.

I get the con = conservative part, but why “crunchy”?

Granola goes crunch :wink:

Hi there…my first post. I will go intro myself in a bit, but I had to respond to this thread. My husband and I are crunchy in that we mostly AP with our kids, though we are not of the belief that a swat on the tush now and then is going to destroy them psychologically. We do extended nursing to age 3, co-sleeping, babywearing, no circumcision, and absolutely no CIO. Low to no pressure potty training. Once they are out of toddlerhood, we probably look to the outside world like standard parents, but the difference in our kids temperament and behavior from their early upbringing is so obvious. People comment on it without realizing where it comes from. When they ask, I will tell them, but I’ve found that AP seems very wierd to people so I don’t bring it up unless asked. That’s our crunchy side. You can see some of the conservative side in the spanking comment. We are politically and socially conservative, pro-life, in favor of protecting traditional marriage, and great supporters of our military. (DH was active duty Air Force for six years, and both our families have a long military history, including my aunt, who was one of the first female Chief Master Sergeants in the Navy!) We love a good steak, DH loves a good beer, and we believe that people should not have children unless they are in a stable and committed marriage and are willing to have one parent stay home to actually parent. We also think organic foods are one of the biggest scams on the planet, along with the idea that humans cause global warming. I’ve found we are an odd mix, because we don’t really seem to fit in with either the crunchies or the cons on everything. However, I have found being Catholic actually synthesizes the two quite well for me. The Church has always had great respect for nursing mothers and has repeatedly defended newborns against routine circumcision. And yet, it is also from the Church that I find support for our conservative family/social structure ideas too. I am currently pregnant with our fifth child, and boy do we turn heads out in public with our growing brood!

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Hi DuskyJewel and welcome !!
Just my two cents, but I am glad that my
parents had me circumsized as a baby.

Jaypeeto, that is fine for you, and I am sure you have your reasons. However, I don’t feel I have the right to have my child’s body surgically altered for cosmetic reasons. I think it violates his basic human rights. If, when my sons are grown, they decide they wish to be circumcised, then it will be the informed choice of an adult in control of his own body. I am not one of these radicals opposed to medical treatment. My younger son just had a surgical procedure this month, in fact, to correct an ingunial hernia. I honestly believe that routine infant circumcision is all about parents putting their personal discomforts or cultural beliefs onto their child, and then having an unnecessary surgical procedure done on that child in order to relieve their own issues. Now that we know there is no medical benefit to routine infant circumcision, there is no excuse for perpetuating it. It is just as much a violation of the human rights of a child who is unable to consent as is female circumcision of children (female genital mutilation, which is what male circumcision should be called too, because that’s what it is.)

I don’t want this thread to get hijacked by this one issue, so I will comment no further unless you want to continue this in private messages.

D’oh! I should’ve known. :o

I did.

It was pretty good, though got very tedious in parts.

I would not have too much trouble identifying myself as a crunchy con, though I don’t think that’s a perfect description of my very ecletic political beliefs.

Granola goes crunch

That is so odd. If anyone would have associated granola, it would have been with the liberals - the granolas.

That’s kinda the point. Conservative hippies :stuck_out_tongue:

Gosh I haven’t posted in a year!:eek: I am a Crunchy Con. When I read this book I was so happy. I thought maybe there weren’t people like me out there. I do believe in organic gardening though! I also believe in organic meat. I live in the country and have access to this on my farm and others. I homeschool my four children. I believe in George Bush. I believe in being conservative not so much Republican though I am registered Republican. I would like to see another party come into the picture that is different from Republican/Democrat/Independent etc. I think there is room for another party that could straighten out this government!:stuck_out_tongue:


Wow, what a weird topic to come across after the dream I just had where I was trying to park my newly-aquired horse in a parking lot where everyone else had cars and trucks!

There are times when I seriously consider what it might be like to have colonies of Catholics who live in full Communion with Rome but at the same time, live much as the Amish do. J.R.R. Tolkien would understand. I guess he’d be my Catholic model, along with St. Francis of Assisi.

It would be tough giving up the internet and my camera, but if I were surrounded by family, friends, and community of like mind and kindred spirit … Wow, what an invigorating lifestyle that would be!

~~ the phoenix

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